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Upcoming Fortnite Update v29.20 Will Feature Fresh Avatar, New Content, And Tactical AR’s Return

Image Source: Julio Ricco / Shutterstock

Eager Fortnite enthusiasts are on the edge of their seats awaiting the upcoming update in Chapter 5 Season 2. The v29.20 patch, having undergone extensive development by Epic Games, is set to be introduced imminently. With high expectations for the season’s second substantial update, we’ve compiled a set of preliminary notes detailing some anticipated features of the release.

These notes compile insights gleaned from both unofficial leaks and Epic Games’ formal declarations. Following the substantial balance updates previously rolled out, the developers seem poised to enhance the game with fresh features, notably the highly-anticipated Avatar collaboration. Be sure to review our specialist guides for securing free Fortnite skins and accessing V-Bucks at a discount.

Avatar Joins the Fortnite Fray in the Next Update

The Fortnite community is buzzing with excitement over the confirmed collaboration between Fortnite and Avatar, set to debut in the forthcoming update. Mark your calendars: April 12 is the day! The collaboration was teased by an in-game announcement, indicating the event’s activation will trail the release of the update. Leaks suggest a new mini event pass is in the pipeline for the collaboration.

Expect the following additions alongside the Avatar partnership:

  • Terrain modifications
  • New Mythic gear
  • A lineup of fresh cosmetics, embracing characters like Aang and Katara
  • An exclusive mini event pass available for 1,000 V-Bucks
  • A range of complementary cosmetic rewards

Epic Games unveils the Fortnite and Avatar partnership, set to land on April 12.

The Avatar partnership isn’t the sole highlight; Epic is poised to inject a wealth of new elements into Fortnite. This encompasses elements for Rocket Racing and LEGO Fortnite, alongside novel Battle Royale features. Here’s a glimpse of what the v29.20 update is expected to bring:

  • The inaugural season of Rocket Racing
  • An assortment of new cosmetics free of charge for Rocket Racing participants
  • A fresh collection of cosmetic items
  • The much-awaited return of the Tactical AR
  • A series of critical bug rectifications
    • Availability of the Titanflame Hades skin
    • Proper criteria set for unlocking rewards like the Blazing Fire Cerberus
  • An array of new Storyline and Weekly quests

These are the projections for the imminent Fortnite patch, with the expectation that Epic will unveil even more thrilling content. The spotlight of the v29.20 update will be on the Avatar collaboration. As a result, we might not see some of the new content for Fortnite Battle Royale until after Friday.

Image Source: Julio Ricco / Shutterstock

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