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    Helldivers 2 Is No Longer Available On Steam In Several Regions

    Image Source: Helldivers Official Store @ Steam

    Recent events have caused quite the stir among the Helldivers 2 gaming community, with PC players facing a particularly challenging situation. Sony’s recent declaration demanding that players link a PSN account with their Steam account to keep playing has caused a rift. The reaction has been mixed: some gamers are frustrated, while others don’t believe it’s a significant problem. Since this announcement, Helldivers 2 has received over 170,000 negative reviews. The game’s developers have actually encouraged this as a strategy to increase their bargaining power with Sony in hopes of reversing the decision.

    Despite the ongoing confusion, many were optimistic that they could still enjoy their Helldivers 2 experience on Super Earth without interruption and hoped for no new restrictions due to this policy shift. Unfortunately, this optimism has been dampened since a recent Steam database update now blocks users from 168 nations and territories from purchasing the game.

    A recent addition to the Steam database, known as ‘Changelist 23416542’, has indicated a series of regions where ‘Helldivers 2’ cannot be purchased. Users from these specific locations who visit the ‘Helldivers 2’ page on Steam will notice the absence of the option to buy the game. At this moment, it remains unverified if those who previously bought the game will still have the capability to play. A video on Reddit suggests that the game might not launch, regardless of its purchase status, but it’s uncertain if this is due to a glitch or if the game is no longer operational in those areas.

    Although we’ve seen the footage of the game not starting, it’s premature to conclude this predicament without solid proof, as it’s fairly common to experience troubles with games not launching at times.

    Below is the complete compilation of countries impacted by the recent update to ‘Helldivers 2’:

    • Afghanistan
    • …[list truncated for brevity]
    • Zimbabwe

    Additionally, the change log reveals two other nations recognized by the code “FX” which we currently cannot identify.

    This development has understandably caused alarm within the ‘Helldivers 2’ gaming circle and raises questions about the stability of not just this game, but also other PC adaptations of titles originally released for PlayStation, such as the anticipated ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ port. Looking ahead, we hope for a resolution to these limitations so that passionate ‘Helldivers 2’ players globally can resume gameplay without constraints. We pledge to deliver the latest news regarding this issue as it unfolds.

    Image Source: Helldivers Official Store @ Steam

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