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    Fans Show Huge Enthusiasm For Helldivers 2 Updates

    Image Source: PlayStation @ YouTube

    Discussions surrounding Helldivers 2 have strayed from the game’s core content as of late. A barrage of criticism was leveled at Sony following their decree that PC gamers would have to link a PSN account in order to continue playing. This decision was eventually overturned, much to the relief of the gaming community.

    However, the spotlight is back on the game as Arrowhead Game Studio’s recent decision to weaken the power of the Eruptor has been met with discontent among its players. With the impending release of the Polar Patriots Warbond set for May 9th, the anticipation that typically accompanies new content has been dampened by concerns that any new weaponry might too quickly become less effective due to potential future nerfs.

    A Reddit user named U/Grune_Holle recently expressed concern about the trend of downgrading popular weapons’ effectiveness in Helldivers 2 with each game update, which has led to a sense of apprehension about upcoming changes rather than anticipation.

    Several redditors have shared this sentiment, such as U/ConnorI who stated, “I’ve been apprehensive about their updates since the nerfs to the rail gun and breaker, especially given their dubious justifications.”

    Users such as U/BlackViperMWG and U/SirHomoLiberus are of the same opinion, with BlackViperMWG commenting on the odd nature of the so-called “balance updates” that seem to only reduce powerful items, and SirHomoLiberus critiquing the game’s balance decisions as being detrimental and exacerbating ongoing issues like game crashes.

    U/meatcousins provided a sarcastic summary of the situation regarding the nerf to the Eruptor: “Apparently, fixing an exploit seems to imply making your gun less lethal because shooting metal projectiles at enemies gives players too much of an advantage.”

    U/kamitachiraym highlighted the frequency of balance changes, noting that “Helldivers 2, a PvE game, receives more balance updates than many PvP games like League of Legends.”

    Recognizing that frequent weapon modifications can make it challenging to look forward to new additions to the game’s arsenal, given that they are often weakened shortly afterward. Given Helldivers 2’s inherent difficulty at advanced levels, such consistent nerfs seem less necessary.

    Amidst recent criticism over the weapon nerfs, it remains to be seen if Arrowhead Game Studios will alter its approach by maintaining weapons as is or initially releasing them in a less powerful state, offering the possibility of future enhancements, which may be more positively received by players.

    Moreover, with the Terminids growing immune to Termicide and becoming an even greater threat, coupled with recent focus on the Automatons, it’s a relief for players to turn their attention back to the Terminids, but they must also stay vigilant for any sign of The Illuminate. As the narrative evolves, we highly advise consulting our extensive Helldivers 2 weapon and armor guides to tailor the best loadout to your gaming style, especially in light of the ongoing weapon adjustments, to keep abreast of the game’s meta.

    Image Source: PlayStation @ YouTube

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