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    Helldivers 2 Team Release Update To Solve Disputed Automatic Feature

    Image Source: Helldivers Official Store @ Steam

    Remarkably, it’s only been a quarter of a year since Helldivers 2 hit the market, yet it feels like we’ve been locked in combat with the Automatons and Terminids for decades. As the game continues to mature, the team at Arrowhead Game Studios is dedicated to enhancing player experience by introducing critical quality of life enhancements.

    Sometimes, the developers’ adjustments miss the mark, but in this case, they have listened to community feedback and amended a contentious gameplay element, a move likely to reduce gamer angst and potentially save the lives of many virtual soldiers.

    In the latest update, version 01.000.300, the game-makers have made a significant tweak as outlined in the update notes:

    “Introduced a new option in the gameplay settings to turn off automatic climbing and vaulting during sprints.”

    Activating this setting will prevent the automatic action of climbing onto map objects or ledges. While this eliminates the annoyance of inadvertently scaling Resupply pods, it introduces the need to manually initiate climbs.

    An arguably simpler solution might have been to adjust Resupply pods so they’re not scalable, as that seems to be the primary concern. Considering this is the only climbing issue I’ve encountered, I will most likely leave this setting disabled.

    Accidentally ascending Resupply pods while grabbing extra ammo is inconvenient, but ensuring you’re armed with suitable weaponry for your mission is crucial. We suggest perusing our comprehensive guide on the top weapons in Helldivers 2, along with the best armor suggestions. By doing so, you and your comrades will be well-prepared to confront and defeat the formidable Automatons and Terminids.

    Image Source: Helldivers Official Store @ Steam

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