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    A Wave of Content Removals Hits HBO Max

    Image Source: JOCA_PH / Shutterstock

    Following the unexpected cancellation of the Batgirl movie, a number of series have been quietly pulled from HBO Max’s offerings.

    Substantial changes are underway at Warner Bros., and HBO Max, a subsidiary of the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery, has seen a substantial slashing of its catalog, dropping 36 titles in total. This includes the critically praised series Infinity Train, which saw its journey end after four seasons, both on the digital platform and previously on Cartoon Network.

    This purge isn’t just limited to adult fare; children’s programming took a hit too, with shows like the Sesame Street derivative, The Not Too Late Show With Elmo, and others such as Generation, OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes, and Summer Camp Island being yanked from the streaming lineup.

    For the creators behind these shows, the removals have been a heavy blow. The sense of disrespect is palpable—a sentiment echoed by Summer Camp Island creator Julia Pott through her social media outburst.

    “Spending 5 years crafting 100 episodes of animation, toiling into the early hours, our lives on hold, we grew into a closely-knit family of passionate artists aiming to birth something wondrous—only for HBO MAX to discard our work unceremoniously. To us, animation is a profound art form!” she expressed.

    Finding Removed Content Elsewhere

    Fortunately, fans can still catch some of their beloved series through alternative channels. Summer Camp Island, for instance, has been promised new episodes airing on Cartoon Network. Moreover, particular series remain purchasable on digital stores like Amazon and iTunes.

    These content removals from HBO Max occur on the heels of the axing of the nearly finished Batgirl film, a move that served as the forerunner to more unsettling news about the future of Warner Bros. content. Despite nearing completion, Batgirl reportedly didn’t impress at test screenings, and Warner Bros. cited corporate restructuring as the main driver for the project’s termination.

    Meanwhile, other DC cinematic ventures, such as The Flash and Black Adam, are proceeding as planned.

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    Image Source: JOCA_PH / Shutterstock

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