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    Fortnite Fans Are Requesting A Change to Gameplay As Playing Numbers Dwindle

    Image Source: Rokas Tenys / Shutterstock

    Fortnite’s popularity is undisputed, as it stands as a colossus among video games, boasting a daily engagement in the millions. However, there is a sentiment shared among its vast fan base that suggests the game should be enjoying even greater user numbers. Concerns have emerged with the decreasing number of Fortnite players since the excitement of Chapter 4’s throwback to the original map.

    The Fortnite community awaits exciting developments. The incoming Chapter 5 Season 3 is around the corner, and there’s buzz about a leaked Season 3 map from Epic Games. Additional rumors hinting at a grand tie-in with a Disney franchise as influential as Star Wars also add to the hype.

    New features are always thrilling, yet a vocal segment of the fan base is advocating for the resurgence of the original (OG) mode. Many are dissatisfied with the current trajectory of the game and believe the dropping player figures validate the preference for the classic Fortnite experience.

    Fortnite’s Player Base Recedes to Pre-Original Levels

    According to screenshots from Reddit user awesomedogman3, Fortnite’s daily player numbers have slipped back to pre-original mode stats, as seen in Chapter 4, between November and December 2nd. The data reveals a similar daily player average in October 2023 (1,517,384) compared with May 11th, 2024.

    The official player statistics can be viewed in the Reddit post embedded below:

    The blast from the past map in November 2023 boosted Fortnite to its largest numbers in years, where, according to Game Informer, a historic 44 million players joined in on a single day.

    The current player count at Epic Games, while not at its peak, is still an enviable figure in the gaming industry, with millions playing daily. Notwithstanding, dissatisfaction has crept in among the players concerning Chapter 5, with the player count being cited as proof of the game’s loss of momentum since the turn of the new year.

    Conversations on Reddit suggest the diminishing player numbers are a signal from the community in favor of the original mode. A Reddit user commented, ‘All they [Epic Games] had to do is realize nobody wants change for the sake of change and return to the styles of Chapters 1 and 2.’

    Another posted, ‘Chapter 4 should have remained and extended. Chapter 5 is just a mess, full of unnecessary alterations that no one requested, like the locker UI overhaul, heavier graphics, and changing hitscan to projectile… These were all unasked for.’

    Despite the dismay with the shift towards new modes such as LEGO, Rocket Racing, and the musical Festival, a sizable portion of the player base is content with the game’s performance. The discussions also highlight the fact that the game’s player count remains robust, surpassing nearly all competitors in the sphere.

    Furthermore, there’s speculation that the current season’s end is naturally leading to a lull in player numbers, with an anticipated rise at the onset of new seasons.

    For those disheartened by the focus on new modes like LEGO, Rocket Racing, and the Festival, the silver lining is that the original mode is on the agenda for a revival. Unfortunately, there’s no set date for its comeback, but a hint was dropped by the FortniteGame Twitter account suggesting Epic’s enthusiasm to reintroduce it after its previous success.

    For further updates on Fortnite, a selection of new tracks for the music Festival featuring stars like Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa have spilled online. Also, the potentially leaked inaugural battle pass skin for Chapter 5 Season 3 is causing a stir, alongside a fresh leak teasing exciting details about the forthcoming event.

    Image Source: Rokas Tenys / Shutterstock

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