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‘Joker 2’ First Glimpse And Trailer Launch Date Announced

Image Source: rafapress . Shutterstock

The curtains have been pulled back to unveil the premiere poster for the awaited sequel, Joker: Folie à Deux. Warner Bros. also disclosed the date when fans can catch the first look at the film’s trailer.

Via a Facebook announcement, Warner Bros. indicated that the eagerly awaited follow-up will present its sneak peek exactly one week from today, which lands on Tuesday, April 9.

The sequel sees the return of the original’s dynamic duo: co-writer/director Todd Phillips and award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix. The first Joker movie surprised audiences and critics alike with a monumental success in autumn 2019, raking in over $1 billion globally. This feat was particularly remarkable because the film did not feature Batman or any of the stalwart DC Comics heroes.

The forthcoming film enhances the cast with another renowned DC persona: Lady Gaga, who will portray the infamous Harley Quinn, known as the Joker’s paramour. Contrasting with its predecessor, the sequel boasts the added twist of being a musical. (Previously, the role of Harley Quinn was embodied by Margot Robbie in three entries of the DC Extended Universe; however, the films within the Joker series stand separate from the DCEU narratives.)

Below is the unveiled poster for the subsequent installment:

It’s been some time since a burning cigarette graced a blockbuster movie poster. This feels like a nod to a bygone era in film promotion.

Following the massive success of their initial venture, both Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix showed enthusiasm for a sequel. Chatter regarding the project first surfaced around spring 2021. It wasn’t until a year later that Phillips gave an official nod to the sequel by posting a photo of the script on Instagram, thus sharing the title Folie à Deux. Lady Gaga’s addition to the cast as Harley Quinn was announced shortly thereafter.

With Warner Bros. experiencing a series of letdowns at the box office last year, they are certainly in the market for a blockbuster akin to the first Joker. While the new DC Universe instigated by James Gunn might not see light until summer 2025 with the new Superman film, Warner Bros. could dearly use a hit before then.

As it stands, the premiere of Joker: Folie à Deux is on the calendar for October 4 in cinemas.

Image Source: rafapress @ Shutterstock

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