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    Helldivers 2 Enthusiasts Talks About The Toughest Major Order Yet

    Image Source: PlayStation @ YouTube

    This past week presented an unprecedented challenge for the devout players of Helldivers 2, as they were tasked with the game’s most strenuous Major Order yet. The staggering goal required players to eliminate 2 billion Terminids. In the wake of such a feat, both the Automatons and the Terminids launched a coordinated siege throughout the cosmos, thrusting the players into a defensive struggle as they were tasked with safeguarding 10 vulnerable planets against conquest.

    The mission to protect 10 planets simultaneously was arduous enough, but compounded by the apparent lack of support from Super Earth, with a tracking malfunction obscuring progress over the weekend. The players were left in the dark, with no clear indication of whether their defensive efforts were making any impact. As the Major Order reached its midpoint, a paltry 2 out of the 10 planets had been successfully secured. Nevertheless, the tide began to turn as each planet was gradually secured, culminating in a momentum shift where, in the final day, the defense of the remaining four planets was resolutely achieved.

    The Helldivers 2 player base has triumphed over the most challenging Major Order to date. This victory is a testament to the power of collaboration and persistence, proving that formidable odds laid down by Super Earth are not insurmountable.

    In an impressive last-minute defense, the collective efforts secured planet Ustotu just in the nick of time, preventing the possibility of a losing a defense campaign, thereby clinching the win. This event has carved its name into the annals of Helldivers 2 as one of the most formidable feats achieved. With an air of suspicion, players speculate if the stakes are being deliberately heightened by Super Earth to trip them up. Nonetheless, we look forward to the next challenge which is anticipated to arrive before week’s end, providing a fresh engagement for the upcoming weekend.

    Despite having bested the hardest Major Order known to date, we cannot afford to become complacent. The threat of the Automatons, the relentless Terminids, and the unpredictable Illuminate lingers, ready to challenge our freedoms. Gear up by consulting the Helldivers 2 ultimate weapons guide alongside the definitive armor guide, equipping yourself with the quintessential gear to dispense Liber-tea. For those eager to peek into what future updates hold, sneak a glance at our Helldivers 2 insights on leaks and speculations.

    Image Source: PlayStation @ YouTube

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