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Leaked Details Of Call Of Duty 2024 Hint t Major Revelations

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The staple of yearly gaming delights, Call of Duty, is on the verge of ushering in its latest addition come this year’s end. Although fans traditionally wait until the fall months of October or November for a new release, leaks are teasing that insider information on the upcoming Call of Duty 2024 title could be revealed any moment now.

Expectations are already running high for what’s next in the CoD universe with new developments for Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon. Players are eagerly awaiting a change to a particular weapon that’s been a thorn in their side, described as overly potent and frustrating. Beyond this, the buzz is growing for the planned 4/20 celebration in MW3, with promises of an intriguing new map and gameplay mode. This event is also expected to deliver a distinctive bundle that adds a quirky twist to in-game enemies.

Amidst the current game updates, fervor is increasing for the highly anticipated 2024 edition of Call of Duty. Which is why leaked intel has leaked many fans buzzing, with promises of a looming official announcement.

Leaked Insider Info Teases Upcoming Call of Duty 2024 Unveiling

The Verge lends credibility to the claim that the next iteration of Call of Duty will grace the stage during the Xbox showcase slated for June 9th. This event is expected to spotlight a host of other exciting titles including a new Gears of War instalment, Avowed, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, and an Indiana Jones game.

But even ahead of this June event, Insider Gaming suggests that fans won’t need to wait that long for their first glimpse of Call of Duty 2024. With the reveal expected to occur before the showcase in a manner reflecting past announcements, and importantly outside of the Warzone experience.

Post-June showcase, insiders predict that a more comprehensive exploration of the game, likely featuring a campaign mission walkthrough, will be offered. Further details about multiplayer components are tentatively penciled in for August, with information on zombies content to follow.

Leaked specifics about Call of Duty 2024 are also surfacing. Named Black Ops Gulf War, its multiplayer beta timeframe has allegedly been hinted at online. Predicted for an October release, noted leaker Tom Henderson suggests the game will include an open-world campaign that bears resemblance to the expansive nature of the Far Cry series.

Described as a sweeping open-world environment, this new direction for Call of Duty is said to allow players and their team to traverse a dynamic map, leveraging vehicles and a fast-travel system. This innovative campaign model is reportedly under the development of Raven Software.

In addition to Black Ops Gulf War, the Xbox June Showcase is also expected to announce the availability of a slew of Activision and Blizzard classics, now under Microsoft’s purview, potentially including the arrival of CoD titles on Xbox Game Pass to follow Diablo 4.

Image credit: shutterstock

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