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PlayStation Plus March 2024: Discover New Titles And 7 Exciting Games

Image Source: George Dolgikh / Shutterstock

For PlayStation Plus subscribers, the March Essential selections are ready for download. Exceptionally, there’s not just three games up for grabs this time, but also a free expansion for Destiny 2, rendering it a quartet of freebies. The fun doesn’t stop here: Prepare for the upcoming announcements as the unveiling of the PS Plus March 2024 Extra and Premium games is a mere seven days away.

This gaming year has already been noteworthy, and March promises to continue that trend. We’re looking at a bustling lineup with Dragon’s Dogma 2, a renewed Alone in the Dark, a fresh South Park title, and the PS5-exclusive Rise of the Ronin, not to mention the return of Star Wars’ greatest multiplayer offering with Aspyr’s Battlefront Classic Collection.

And there’s more: WWE 2K24 and The Outlast Trials are ready for action. These new arrivals are thrilling and Sony aims to keep you glued to the screen with the additional PS Plus March 2024 Extra and Premium titles.

Upcoming PS Plus Extra and Premium Games for March 2024

The anticipated reveal of the PS Plus Extra and Premium March 2024 titles is set for March 13th. It’s customary for Sony to disclose these games on a Wednesday, following the Essential game releases, which this month were on March 5th. Therefore, the forecast points to an upcoming Wednesday reveal.

Once the lineup is out, players usually can access the games the following Tuesday. If things go as expected with the March 13th announcement, get ready to dive in on the 20th. As for April’s Essential games, they are projected to be announced on March 27th.

Don’t miss out: ensure you claim the current monthly games before they expire on April 1st. Play through the captivating worlds of Hello Neighbor 2, Sifu, and EA Sports F1 23, and don’t forget the exhilarating Destiny 2 expansion, The Witch Queen.

Titles Exiting PS Plus Extra and Premium in March 2024

Here are the seven titles departing from PS Plus Extra and Premium this March 2024:

  • Tchia
  • Civilization 6
  • Ghostwire Tokyo
  • Neo: The World Ends with You
  • Haven
  • Code Vein
  • The Outer Wilds

All of the aforementioned games will disappear from PS Plus Extra on March 19th. Each title has been well-received, with Tchia providing an adorable adventure in its unique open-world island and Ghostwire Tokyo delivering an exquisite supernatural odyssey from the creators behind The Evil Within and the upcoming Hi-Fi Rush on PS5.

Fans refer to Code Vein as the ‘anime Dark Souls’, while The Outer Wilds is lauded as a monumental gaming experience that everyone should take part in. Civilization 6 stands as an enthralling strategy challenge, and both Haven and Neo deserve your attention as well.

Switching gears to other PlayStation updates, we now have the launch date for Sea of Thieves’ arrival on PS5, a former Xbox exclusive. In addition, PS5 players might soon be able to explore the world of Palworld, while Larian Studios tantalizes fans with the prospect of mod support for Baldur’s Gate 3 on PS5.

Image Source: George Dolgikh / Shutterstock

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