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New Weaponry Comes In The Finals Season 2!

Image Source: The Finals @ YouTube

Gaming enthusiasts have eagerly followed The Finals since its grand debut last December, and the excitement has reached a new peak with the Season 2 trailer release. Beyond the showcased novelties, the creators at Embark Studios have separately verified the introduction of brand new armaments for each class of combatants in Season 2.

Mark your calendars, as Embark Studios heralds March 14th for The Finals Season 2 commencement. The game has been ‘hijacked by the CNS’, and with it comes a highly awaited new gameplay style that has been a hot request since the game first appeared.

At present, players can collect 2 Epic skins and 12 Epic costumes at no charge. However, in mere days, we’ll all dive into the game’s sophomore season, packed with innovative indulgences, including a new arsenal for the Light, Medium, and Heavy class contenders.

Unveiling the Season 2 Weaponry of The Finals

Stepping beyond the trailer, The Finals’ creators at Embark Studios have revealed novel weapons slated for the game’s trio of classes in this second season — this insight courtesy of a publication on Steam, which some of the fanbase may have overlooked.

As described in the creators’ Steam post, the forthcoming armory includes:

  • Light – 93R auto-burst sidearm
  • Medium – FAMAS burst-fire combat rifle
  • Heavy – KS-23 cartridge-fed shotgun

Besides these new armaments, here’s what each category will gain in gadgets and technological augmentations:

  • Light – The Gateway:
    • This innovation introduces a twinned arrangement of short-distance portals which, upon deployment and activation, permits travel and the transit of items between two points. These portals are available for everyone’s use, though sight and gunfire do not penetrate – making them an ideal escape mechanism for tight situations.
  • Medium – The Dematerializer:
    • This tech temporarily vanishes physical barriers, including walls and ceilings, giving contestants the ability to view and fire through newly formed gaps, or move right through them. Carve out new corridors and swiftly seal them up again—no barrier is too daunting.
  • Heavy – The Anti-Gravity Cube:
    • An intriguing cube capable of distorting gravitational forces in its vicinity, elevating players and objects alike skywards. It poses a question: is it more suited for mobility or for defense? Players will decide its ultimate use!

Additionally, Season 2 introduces the all-new Arena called SYS$HORIZON. It’s described by the developer’s post as a ‘glitchy, neon-drenched urban zone that exists within the loading dimension of the game show,’ offering a blend of both aerial and conventional gameplay elements. ‘Voxel bridges form connective tissue between skyscrapers, while fragmented, levitating shapes offer players a playground for parkour maneuvers across the map.’

For an in-depth examination of The Finals, peruse our compilations of the top-tier weapons, prime gadgets, and optimal FPS settings to facilitate your victory, not to mention an evaluation of the premier classes within the game.

Image Source: The Finals @ YouTube

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