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Helldivers 2’s Chief Shares Insight On Game Master’s Supportive Role for Players

Image Source: Helldivers Official Store @ Steam

The Chief of Helldivers 2 has stepped forward to reveal the strategic undertakings of the Game Master, as fans brace themselves against the onslaught of Terminid and Automaton adversaries. Despite previous uncertainties around Game Master Joel’s function, the Chief has made it clear what aspects he can meddle with and what is strictly under the players’ control.

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A Message from the Helldivers 2 CEO: The Game Master Also Empowers Player Actions

In a message shared on X (previously known as Twitter), Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of Helldivers 2, expounded on the Game Master’s purpose: ‘to orchestrate major events, activate dailies, and pinpoint enemy assaults.’ This dynamic ensures the game remains fresh and reflects the Galactic War’s progress in real-time, challenging players whether they mount an attack or defend their positions. He also praised players, affirming, ‘The battles won and planets freed – that’s your doing!’

Pilestedt then revealed something that took players by surprise. ‘If necessary, we can bolster planetary defenses and allot temporary gear to the whole community!’ he declared. This explains the sudden provision of high-powered arsenal, like mecha fitted with rocket launchers, to some players. Citing YouTuber TCMF2, there are expectations for additional armaments, including ‘an energy RPG, a meteor strike akin to a nuclear blast, a squadron of supportive NPC helldivers, among others.’

The CEO also hinted at potential stealth enhancement rewards in Helldivers 2, possibly indicating how these upgrades might be distributed. It’s a novel method for introducing fresh equipment and gameplay features. As the Galactic War rages on, players should anticipate an increase in Warbond reward opportunities, unlocking further weaponry and accessories. In related updates, improvements are set to arrive in Helldivers 2, while the infamous never-ending stratagem exploit is no longer operational.

Image Source: Helldivers Official Store @ Steam

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