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    Helldivers 2 New Patch Introduces Penalties For Solo Play

    Image Source: Helldivers Official Store @ Steam

    Helldivers 2, a renowned cooperative tactical shooter, is ideally enjoyed with comrades in arms. However, those venturing into the game without friends find themselves relying on the unpredictable nature of online matchmaking. Lately, the community has echoed grievances about being ejected from game sessions unjustly, negating their efforts in the mission.

    One Reddit discussion pointed out instances of players being expelled for acting independently, which ostensibly contributes to an uptick in enemy encounters. The thread included an exchange where a group contemplated removing a player of level 47 for isolating himself, speculating that his solo actions were responsible for heightened enemy appearances and making the mission unnecessarily challenging.

    Within the Reddit community, players voiced their encounters with such unsporting players. U/Evil_Ermine recounted several instances of being ousted from games for various reasons — attaining level 47, retrieving a personal support weapon, summoning a mech against an enemy nest, and trying to complete an objective while battling adversaries.

    Many players have faced similar antagonistic behaviors, with some players resorting to team sabotage out of spite. U/K4kkulpio characterized the game’s atmosphere succinctly, suggesting a preoccupation with optimal play can sometimes overshadow fun, leading players to become unreasonably competitive.

    For those repeatedly facing expulsion by such players, one feasible solution is to host your own game lobby, granting you control over participants and immunity from being kicked. Although inconvenient, this approach may be necessary in light of the potentially damaging community behavior that might deter players from Helldivers 2. Arrowhead Game Studios is encouraged to address these issues promptly.

    To decrease the risk of being kicked, strive to be an indispensable team member. This can be achieved by perusing our comprehensive guides on the finest armaments and armor in Helldivers 2. Doing so will enhance your knowledge of the game’s meta, enabling you to devise an effective character build and equipment setup.

    Image Source: Helldivers Official Store @ Steam

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