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    Controversial Grievances Voiced By Fortnite Chapter 5 Enthusiasts

    Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

    Over the recent weeks, we’ve engaged in mythical battles within Fortnite, and a peculiar complaint about Chapter 5 Season 2 has surfaced amongst players! Overall, players have responded positively to the new content. The addition of formidable Olympian adversaries, novel armaments, and revamped locales and points of interest have rejuvenated the gaming experience.

    Nevertheless, there will always be elements that players will critique, and this particular grievance has a certain merit that resonates with many. What’s currently causing a stir among the Fortnite community? Continue reading to uncover the details.

    Fortnite’s Controversial Load Times

    The latest Fortnite season has been a blast, going toe-to-toe with deities like Zeus and Ares, conquering the underworld with Hades, and overcoming Cerberus to collect their medallions and harness their powers is exhilarating.

    Yet, despite the thrilling challenges of the new season, there’s a persistent niggle that’s causing frustration among a portion of the player base. This particular issue with Fortnite is one we empathize with thoroughly!

    A user named u/VirtuesLastSenpai voiced a commonly felt sentiment on Reddit, saying, “I am so tired of this loading screen.” The critique further elaborates on the dissonance they feel: “The music is grating, trying too hard to invoke a sense of gravitas, totally mismatched with the game’s light-hearted characters, like that irksome pink bear thing—ugh.”

    The monotony of the same loading screen cropping up every time we’re ready to play is irritating. Why hasn’t Epic Games considered an update? Many users suggested that refreshing the imagery for different game modes to reflect recent updates could entice players to explore beyond their familiar Battle Royale routine.

    Surprisingly, the visual isn’t the most vexing part of diving into Fortnite; rather, it’s the accompanying sound. User u/EconomicsRealistic68 jestingly remarked, “[F]ortnite is a close second for being the reason I need hearing aids at 30”. Honestly, Epic, what’s with the excessively loud music on the loading screen?

    One might assume that changing the settings to mute the music would be a straightforward fix. However, this is only applicable to PC gamers. For console players, any alterations in settings are only effective post-login, which means after the loading screen has already done its deed.

    As mentioned before, this issue may seem trivial. Yet for those who confront it every time they start up Fortnite, it quickly escalates to a source of annoyance! We’re urging Epic Games to heed the community’s calls for improvement.

    While these suggestions won’t ameliorate the loading screen situation, we do offer a guide for the optimal audio settings in Fortnite which enhances your ability to pick up on minute sounds. Combine this with our recommended settings for Fortnite controllers or the best keyboard and mouse configurations to gain a significant edge over your rivals.

    Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

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