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Gaming Community Criticize Apex Legends’ Solo Gameplay

Image Source: Sergei Elagin / Shutterstock

According to player feedback, the solo mode in Apex Legends leaves much to be desired. One particular discussion gaining traction on the subreddit highlights intense grievances with the mode. The Inner Beast event, which was already a topic of debate, has particularly come under fire from solo players. Respawn’s attempt to introduce new features seems to have faltered dramatically with this move.

Apex Legends’ Inner Beast Solo Gameplay Falls Short of Player Expectations

A Reddit post by u/PatPlaysGames247 is drawing significant attention for its criticism of the mode. They lament, “Imagine a game mode where, not only do you face off against threesomes on your own because your teammates have bailed, but there’s also a team with a 6-minute UAV pinpointing your location. And they know you’re alone, so they’re extra motivated to crush you.”

While they suggest these game modes have the potential for fun, u/PatPlaysGames247 argues that they’re being imposed on players. To them, those who prefer to play Apex solo only have this “dreadful” mode or ranked play as options, the latter of which is hardly better in their view.

The community is abuzz with similar grievances. One player, u/HornetGloomy75, vents, “This has got to be incredibly frustrating for regular players. This mode seems to be nothing more than an invitation for third-parties.” another, u/MaaximumOOF, wishes for, “An end to compulsory events and just have them as optional modes instead.”

u/RoutineInstruction 67 expresses their disappointment with the developers, saying, “The game’s developers are either not thinking it through or simply aren’t doing a good job.” Meanwhile, u/El_Heizenberg reasons, “That’s precisely why I stick to ranked – to avoid teammates who quit right after they’re knocked down.” u/Emma_Bird_ bluntly states, “My enthusiasm for Apex is waning.”

It’s evident that the Inner Beast event hasn’t been well received by numerous players due to its effect on the solo play experience, which has proven to be a source of irritation. This could serve as a lesson for Respawn to be more cautious with future changes.

That wraps up the state of solo play in Apex Legends, but don’t forget to check out our definitive guides for the game: the best legends, weapons, and setups!

Image Source: Sergei Elagin / Shutterstock

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