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    You Can Stand A Chance To Win Brand New PS5 By Answering Few Simple Questions

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    For gaming enthusiasts, the PlayStation 5 has been a joy since its 2020 debut. Recent titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 and the upcoming Alan Wake 2 have defined the latest console generation. If you’re still considering the upgrade from your PS4, Sony is offering a tantalizing chance to score a free PS5 console along with a yearly PS Plus Premium plan. All you have to do is correctly answer a handful of questions in their giveaway competition.

    The PSN store’s Christmas sale for 2023 is currently in full swing, slashing prices on a staggering selection of games for both PS4 and PS5—making it the perfect time to snatch up some titles you might have missed. On a futuristic note, Sony’s patent for a system to adapt game difficulty could shape the way we experience their exclusive titles moving forward.

    A range of standout titles, from the visually striking Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart to the highly anticipated re-release of The Last of Us Part 2, showcase the PS5’s capabilities. You could immerse yourself in these experiences if you’re the lucky winner of Sony’s PS5 giveaway, which requires nothing more than a simple sign-up and questionnaire.

    Secure Your Own PS5 – Here’s How

    To be in with a shot at winning a fresh PS5, dive into Sony’s “season of play” contest. You’re allowed a single entry per PSN ID and must get it in by 12:59 PM PT, January 19th. Note that you should be at least 18 years old to participate.

    Here are the five trivia questions you’ll need to tackle:

    On average, how many hours did PS Plus members clock in GTA Online over the past year (January through October 2023)?

    As Grand Theft Auto V joins the ranks, how many total games were introduced to the PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue in 2023?

    • Between 40 and 100
    • Between 101 and 160
    • Between 161 and 220
    • 221 or more

    One iconic location from the GTA saga is explorable for PlayStation Plus subscribers in December. Which metropolis does Grand Theft Auto V showcase?

    • Liberty City
    • Los Santos
    • San Fierro
    • Las Venturas

    Out of the games presently in the PlayStation Plus Catalogue, one claims the title of fastest-selling in 24 hours according to the Guinness World Records. Can you identify it?

    • Ghost of Tsushima
    • Grand Theft Auto V
    • Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    • Horizon Forbidden West

    Travel back to the launch of the first Grand Theft Auto on the original PlayStation. Premium members of PlayStation Plus have access to a treasure trove from historic consoles. Which systems are included?

    • PS1
    • PS2
    • PSP and PS Vita
    • All of the above

    After submitting your best guesses, sit tight for the winner reveal on January 26th. Prizes include a PS5 digital edition and a 12-month subscription to PS Plus Premium, with a winner for each region—SIEE, SIEA, and SIEI. For more details, check the official terms and conditions.

    Looking ahead, the upcoming PS Plus games for January 2024 are about to be unveiled, and there’s a buzz around leaks concerning Insomniac Games’ future projects.

    Image credit: shutterstock

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