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Unlocking an Apex Legends Season 14 Heirloom Made Simple

Heirlooms are the apex of sought-after cosmetics in Apex Legends, and acquiring one can feel like a stroke of luck due to their rarity. Yet, with the advent of Season 14, players can secure an Heirloom without reaching for their wallets.

Respawn Entertainment bestows their most loyal and lavish players with Heirlooms and Prestige skins, which are among the most coveted treasures in Apex Legends. While fans can pour over $100 into collection events or cross their fingers for Heirloom shards in loot packs, each carries a hefty cost.

With every 500 packs opened, an Heirloom is guaranteed, but Season 14 introduces an added bonus—players can now earn an Heirloom each season, absolutely free, thanks to the increased level cap.

Securing your Free Heirloom in Apex Legends Season 14

The introduction of a new, higher level cap paves the way for securing a guaranteed Heirloom, as hitting the new ceiling of 2000 levels ensures the acquisition of Heirloom shards.

The cap has been boosted to 2000 levels in Season 14, enabling players to cycle through the 1-500 level range up to three more times, akin to a prestige mechanic.

Progressing through the levels promises Apex Packs, and with the level ceiling now at 2000, you will amass 544 packs. Given the odds, this virtually ensures that one of these packs will contain an Heirloom.

Attaining level 2000 is no small feat; it’s a journey that demands immense time and dedication. Nonetheless, champions who rise to the challenge will lay claim to one of the rarest accolades in Apex Legends. Bear in mind, fortune may favor you, and an Heirloom could appear before you even reach the 500th pack milestone.

Stay informed on Apex Legends Season 14 by keeping up with the latest updates regarding the revamps to Kings Canyon and the introduction of the new Laser Sight attachment.

Image Attribution: Sergei Elagin via Shutterstock

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