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Top 20 Gifts for Gamers to Consider This Christmas [2023]

For your friend or family who loves PC gaming, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch- here’s what we think you should be buying this holiday season.

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20. Custom Controllers

19. Starfield CHUNKS!

18. Hori Split Pad Pro

17. The Analog Pocket

16. The Steam Deck

15. Steam Deck Alternative


14. Controllers for Iphone and Android

Gamevice FLEX –

Backbone mobile gaming controller –

Razer Kinshi V2 –

13. John Romero’s New Book

Doom Guy: Life in FIrst Person by John Romero (new, from 2023)

Goes great with MASTERS OF DOOM, which is one of the all time great books about gaming

12. Playstation 5 Pulse 3d wireless headset

11. Sega Genesis Mini 2

10. VR Headsets

Playstation VR 2 w/ Horizon: Call of the Wild

Meta Quest 2

9. Gaming Vinyls

8. Physical Games!

Switch games

Playstation 5 games

-physical just makes for more satisfying gifts!

7. Or just Gift Cards

6. External SSDs for more space

5. Handmade RGB LED Dark SOuls Estus Flask

4. Switch OLED

3. Stuff for PC gaming on the TV

-wireless keyboard and mouse

-Lap desks

2. Starter Streamer bundle

1. Consoles!

-Playstation 5 Slim w/ Marvel’s Spider-man 2 Bundle

Playstation 5 – Marvel’s Spider-man 2 Bundle

– Xbox Series X Diablo 4 bundle

-it’s still marked down below standard console price!

0:00 Intro
0:28 Number 20
1:20 Number 19
1:50 Number 18
2:23 Number 17
3:38 Number 16
4:05 Number 15
4:40 Number 14
5:50 Number 13
6:27 Number 12
7:04 Number 11
7:53 Number 10
8:39 Number 9
9:29 Number 8
10:09 Number 7
10:33 Number 6
11:20 Number 5
11:46 Number 4
12:10 Number 3
12:42 Number 2
13:12 Number 1

Credit: YouTube/gameranx

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