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The New Legend Vantage Outshines Mirage’s Tricks in Apex Legends

The entry of Vantage in Apex Legends Season 14 is causing troubles for players specializing in Mirage, as they believe she render’s Mirage’s tricks obsolete.

In Apex Legends, each hero is equipped with distinct abilities tailored for various tactical scenarios, with Mirage offering the chance for players to escape sticky situations with his clever decoy maneuvers.

Mirage can send out decoys to confound adversaries, offering players a crucial window for tactical repositioning. Yet, the introduction of Vantage in Season 14 possesses an innate skill set that acts as an effective foil to these tricks, leading to notable dismay among the dedicated Mirage player base.

A Reddit user by the name ‘PRIYANSHUC15’ uploaded a video in the Apex Legends community on Reddit, displaying how Vantage’s unique Spotter’s Lens and Sniper’s Mark skills can effortlessly identify the authentic Mirage from his decoys.

This discovery prompted the Redditor to assert the pointlessness of Mirage’s decoy abilities in the wake of Vantage’s debut. This sentiment echoed throughout the community, with many voicing their exasperations.

Mirage’s abilities are useless against Vantage from apexlegends

Commenters collectively pointed out the futility of deploying decoys when opposite players possess skills to unmask the original Mirage immediately. Consequently, they propose that Vantage could potentially upset the game balance.

A certain individual, self-identified as a frequent Mirage player, commented: “Being undermined each season seems like a recurring nightmare for us Mirage mains. This doesn’t really surprise me anymore.”

Comment from discussion Physical-Spite-728’s comment from discussion “Mirage’s abilities are useless against Vantage”.

The community discussed whether Vantage’s capability to distinguish the real Mirage was an accidental bug. An anecdote was shared by a player who mentioned that their passive ability only flagged the decoys on entering the game.

Yet, another voice in the discussion clarified: “The system flags it as a decoy, so it evaluates the target and discloses the impostor.” The player suggested that this could be a deliberate aspect designed to diminish Mirage’s influence in the new season.

Comment from discussion N0ob8’s comment from discussion “Mirage’s abilities are useless against Vantage”.

As of the moment, responses from Respawn Entertainment to this player feedback remains awaited. Any potential adjustments, whether boosting Mirage’s ability arsenal or downscaling Vantage’s prowess, will be promptly reported.

Image Source: Sergei Elagin/shutterstock

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