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    The Callisto Protocol’s Exclusive In-Game Items Are Now Free For Game Owners

    Image Source: thecallistopodcast @ShutterStock

    Krafton, the publisher of The Callisto Protocol, is spreading holiday cheer by making all exclusive in-game skins available at no extra cost to every player. This generous gesture encompasses a variety of costume packs, including the previously Twitch-exclusive Gore Skin Collection and additional sets like the Snake, Retro Prisoner, Biophage, and AMD Radeon Skin Collections for gamers with the Digital Deluxe Edition or Season Pass.

    However, keep in mind these special skins won’t appear in your inventory straight away. You’ll have to hold off on embarking on a fresh New Game Plus adventure in The Callisto Protocol decked out in these new looks. To find out when these costume packs will be up for grabs, keep reading for details.

    Release Date for The Callisto Protocol’s Complimentary Exclusive Skins

    In an announcement made through Xbox Wire, Krafton revealed that all players owning The Callisto Protocol can expect to receive these skins without charge starting from Thursday, December 21, 2023. This offer is applicable across the board, so whether you play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or PC, you’ll be able to claim these skins once they release.

    That said, it’s important to note that to access the Snake, Retro Prisoner, Biophage, and AMD Radeon Skin Collections, possession of the Digital Deluxe Edition or a Season Pass is a prerequisite. Without these, the Gore Skin Collection is the only pack you will be eligible to claim.

    With this influx of complimentary in-game items, there’s no more opportune moment to dive into the spine-chilling cosmic narrative crafted by Striking Distance Studios. For those eagerly awaiting further updates or content, we suggest looking into our guides detailing The Callisto Protocol’s PC requirements or the insights shared by Director Glen Schofield regarding the Season Pass content to keep you entertained.

    Image Source: thecallistopodcast @ShutterStock

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