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Strategies Behind Fortnite’s New In-Game Challenges

Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

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In the latest chapter of Fortnite, a feature has been rolled out that has the player base scratching their heads, wondering what is going on at Epic Games. The introduction of Match Quests has particularly stirred up the community, prompting gamers to question the logic of the game’s creators.

A Reddit conversation titled ‘Match Quests be like’ started by TonyDML shows various gamers highlighting some odd tasks they’ve encountered in these Match Quests. Although the accompanying image with implausible tasks such as ‘Secure a Victory Royale with 21 eliminations’ and ‘Chop down 2 trees’ is edited, it does give us a sense of how seemingly random and mismatched the challenges can range from laughably simple to overwhelmingly difficult.

Players chimed in with their least favored wacky challenges. “Trying to emote near an adversary without building cover is insane,” laments VortexTalon. nodyrisa1 chimes in, torn between sniping precision tasks and trying to find a societal badge, while IllTemperedMaggot humorously suggests a hypothetical challenge completion tally would erroneously read “0/22”.

Many community members aren’t embracing the Match Quests, particularly in comparison to the prior daily quest system. “The single quest per match setup is the main turnoff for me when I play the game,” confesses Neeralazra. _Samus points out the time-consuming nature of the new format, “Now it takes so much longer to complete the set,” and Nobeliumraniumz succinctly states their preference for the former system and its flexibility.

Whether Epic will commit to the Match Quests or refurbish the quest system yet again for the upcoming season remains unclear. However, the game does continue to evolve, offering fresh modes such as Lego-themed battles, Rocket Racing, and the Fortnite Festival. These ensure that players still have an array of diverse activities to enjoy and ways to progress in their battle pass. For those seeking a competitive edge, our tips on the optimal Fortnite keybinds might just give you the advantage you need in your next match.

Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

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