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Steam Users Criticize Payday 3 Launch Due To Connectivity Hiccups

Image Source: nikkimeel / Shutterstock

Payday 3’s problematic release was immediately criticized by its disappointed Steam community. Many lauded the game’s upgrades, provided by Deep Silver, to their latest bank burglary first-person shooter (FPS), but these improvements were largely unnoticed due to pervasive day-one networking issues, making the game essentially unusable.

As one would expect, a bulk of the reviews on the Payday 3 Steam page have been mostly negative because of continuous server problems. The game’s mandatory always-on internet condition meant that joining a heist was close to impossible. Instead of progressing in thrilling Payday 3 heists, most players found themselves looking for solutions to the Payday 3 Nebula connection data error.

Moreover, Starbreeze Studios and Deep Silver’s broadly criticized requirement for a steady Payday 3 internet connection, was once again under heavy public examination. It seemed that even players wanting to enjoy the game in single-player mode had no option but to wait for a resolution to the connection issues. Regrettably, these match making issues seem to persist, as negative reviews keep appearing on Steam’s platform at an increasing pace.

Meanwhile, the Payday 3 staff declared on their official Twitter profile that they’re currently “investigating” the rise in match-making related issues and are “working thoroughly to recover functionality.” However, it doesn’t seem like these issues will be solved in the short term, since the massive number of gamers trying to access the game is causing server overload. How convenient it would have been to have an offline mode that didn’t require constant internet connectivity.

While we all wait for the servers to regain stability, you may want to use this opportunity to go through our guides for the finest assault build in Payday 3, the top Stealth build, and our Payday 3 Under the Surphaze stealth guide.

Image Source: nikkimeel / Shutterstock

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