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    Season 5 Update Boosts Snipers in Warzone

    Image Source: Diego Thomazini / Shutterstock

    Season 5’s update for Warzone includes enhancements to the Sniper Rifle class, marking another improvement that could greatly increase their lethality.

    Ever since the commencement of Warzone Pacific, Sniper Rifles have been a contentious issue within the gaming community, prompting the developers to adjust Snipers with every season’s update.

    Come Season 3, the capacity for many Snipers to kill players in one shot was diminished. After this significant downgrade, Season 4 made an effort to restore balance to Snipers with significant upgrades, and it looks like Season 5 is poised to once again enhance this beloved weapon category.

    No matter if you’re for or against reverting the changes from Season 3, the upcoming Season 5 is expected to prominently feature Snipers once more.

    The developers have stated their satisfaction with where Snipers are currently, yet they are still planning on fine-tuning them: “Snipers are currently well-tuned, but we have additional plans to get them just right.”

    The alteration in Season 5 will be a decrease in flinch for both types of Sniper Rifles:

    • Flinch on Heavy Sniper Rifles Reduced by 11%
    • Flinch on Light Sniper Rifles Reduced by 40%

    With less flinch to contend with, skilled Sniper users will find it easier to take their shots. This means players engaging at long-range should experience fewer missed shots when under enemy fire.

    This boost to Snipers, along with the sizeable nerf to Variable Scope attachments, could see Sniper Rifles become a predominant choice in Season 5’s game dynamic: “By rebalancing some Vanguard Optics and further diminishing flinch, we foresee this weapon category solidifying its place.”

    A frequent complaint among players has been that the 3-6x Variable Scopes enabled Assault Rifles to snipe opponents from vast distances, overshadowing the Sniper Rifles’ niche.

    With the Variable Scopes’ recoil control diminished in Season 5, the long-range fight could become much more varied.

    To learn more, explore how Warzone Season 5 is expected to introduce a Loadout UI toggle feature following feedback from the community.

    Image Credit: Diego Thomazini / Shutterstock

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