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Reason Behind Lack of New Weapon in Apex Legends Season 14, Explained by Developers

As Apex Legends prepares to roll out Season 14, the team behind the game at Respawn Entertainment has shed light on their decision to forgo the addition of a new weapon this season.

Fans of Apex Legends are buzzing with anticipation for Season 14, not solely for the introduction of Vantage—the latest Legend to offer a sniper-oriented playstyle—but also to dive into the newly reset game environment that comes with each season.

The upcoming season will offer a wealth of fresh content, including an increased Level Cap, balancing tweaks, and transformations to the Kings Canyon map. Nonetheless, despite these exciting updates, a new weapon will not be part of the Season 14 offering.

Instead, players will be able to experiment with the new Laser Sight attachment. But what led the developers to decide against adding a new armament to the game’s arsenal? The rationale was clarified by Respawn during a press event for Season 14.

Senior Game Designer Eric Canavese from Respawn addressed questions about impending weaponry, emphasizing that the priority is to maintain the game’s balance and integrity. “We always have the game’s health in mind…I’m not at liberty to discuss upcoming weapons or future plans, but rest assured, we constantly consider what’s best for the game.”

It seems the development team believes the game is currently in a stable state with its existing collection of weapons, and introducing a new one might disturb this equilibrium.

However, Respawn’s mention of “future weapons” indicates that there indeed are new arms under development, though no specifics are available. When these new tools of combat will be introduced remains uncertain.

The development team’s commitment to optimizing the game’s quality is evident, though it means players will have to be patient for the arrival of new weaponry. As Eric put it, new weapons will “emerge when the game demands it, not necessarily with each new season.”

Even without new firearms, Season 14 of Apex Legends is set to shake things up with significant balance updates, which include major adjustments for fan-favorites like the Wingman and Spitfire.

Image Source: Mano Kors / Shutterstock

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