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    Fortnite App Settings You Need to Turn On Right Away

    Image Source: Rokas Tenys / Shutterstock

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    Attention: Fortnite Preferences Tweaked by Epic Games

    • A new preference was introduced in the most recent update to Fortnite
    • This preference keeps specific visual elements from appearing on your display
    • Adjusting this preference is straightforward

    In its latest patch, v29.30, Fortnite has incorporated a few fresh elements. A noteworthy feature of these is a new preference that gives you the authority to exclude specific gestures from your gaming view. Although the use of this feature is at your discretion, Epic Games has activated it automatically, which is quite unexpected. Nevertheless, you possess the ability to adjust this preference when you next initiate the game, and we’ll guide you through the process.

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    Fortnite Preferences Altered by Epic, But It’s Not Too Late to Restore Original Settings

    The latest Fortnite update introduced an option related to ‘confrontational’ gestures. Through this option, you have the capacity to filter out specific gestures from your gaming experience, such as ‘Take the L’ and ‘Laugh It Up’. Intriguingly, Epic has defaulted to turning this option on, which likely means you will not see these gestures on your screen presently. If this option is left active, you’ll notice that players deploying these gestures will appear motionless and no associated audio will play.

    For now, the following gestures are controllable through this setting:

    • Laugh It Up
    • Take the L
    • Whipcrack
    • Make It Plantain

    It’s expected that Epic may continue to grow this list, incorporating additional gestures and aesthetic elements in times to come.

    To turn off Fortnite’s new feature, begin by starting the game and accessing the Settings menu. Once there, navigate to the last tab labeled ‘Account and Privacy’. Scroll down within this tab to find the options related to confrontational emotes. You can choose to hide these emotes entirely (which is set by default), or adjust settings to view them from everyone, or exclusively when your friends perform them.

    Image Source: Rokas Tenys / Shutterstock

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