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    ‘Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’ Launch Day Update Brings 120fps Gameplay

    Image Source: Ubisoft

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    Fresh out of the gate, ‘Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown lands a crucial first update coinciding with the commencement of its early access period starting today.

    For those catching up, ‘Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown harkens back to the saga’s origin with classic 2D side-scrolling action, enhanced by a Metroidvania spin and contemporary game design elements. We’ve spotlighted its excellence in gaming in our dedicated review, which we invite you to peruse.

    But the advent of the game doesn’t mean Ubisoft’s work is done—far from it. The finishing touches have been applied just in time for the launch, via the inaugural day one patch. Below is everything you need to know.

    Day One Update for ‘Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’ – Is It Real?

    Indubitably, a day-one update for the game exists.

    The Scope of ‘Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’ Day One Update

    The patch size varies by platform—larger for consoles, with PCs getting the slimmest slice as it’s bundled with digital release files.

    • PlayStation 5: 2.27GB
    • PlayStation 4: 3.39 GB
    • Nintendo Switch: 393 MB
    • Xbox Series X|S: 1.25 GB
    • Xbox One: 3.21 GB
    • PC: 0GB (Included in the initial digital release.)

    Unveiling the ‘Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’ Day One Patch Details (1.0.1)

    Ubisoft supplies us with a detailed account of the latest update’s patch notes.

    Visuals, Motion, and Smooth Operation

    • Map performance is now smoother when zoomed far out.
    • A few world areas have received performance upgrades.
    • The Xbox Series consoles now boast support for fluid 120 FPS gameplay.


    Enhancements include:

    • Better audio balance and refinement across various game sections.
    • Tweaks to certain enemy attack sounds for minor improvement.
    • Fixed an issue where audio might be absent after entering the Old Royal Road post-cinematic.
    • Solution for music tracks that occasionally ceased during boss encounters.

    Interface and Exploration

    Corrections addressed:

    • HUD amulet icons have been resized to be less cumbersome.
    • The tutorial’s visual depiction of Healing potions has been updated.
    • Fixed notification overlaps with both game UI and menu elements.
    • Map uncovering inaccuracy has been fine-tuned in select locations.
    • Interaction with certain lore steles prevents pausing the game, which has been fixed.
    • An issue of already navigated map portions re-fogging post-training with Artaban is corrected.
    • Accurate positioning for Sargon’s indicator on the map has been ensured.

    In-Game Dynamics

    Certain gameplay aspects have been resolved:

    • Fixed an issue with the Mystery chest in Sacred Archives that wouldn’t open.
    • Avoided main quest hints resetting when accepting side quests.
    • Introduced “Retry” option in confrontations with bosses like Erlik, the Undead Prisoner, and the Giant Crab.
    • Assured rewards post-defeating the Giant Crab or Kiana under special circumstances.
    • King boss now drops a full Soma flower when defeated during a specific attack.
    • Clarified the method of locating Kiana at the Soma entrance in guided mode.
    • Fixed Sargon getting trapped post-receiving Clairvoyance close to a Wak-Wak tree.
    • Resolved Sargon’s obstruction after opening the mystery chest in the Tower of Silence.


    • Adjusted Story Mode enemy HP for an enhanced play experience.
    • Modified Kiana’s clone spawn timing and damage output.
    • Reduced enemy damage rates in The Depth.
    • Revamped hitboxes and damage of certain boss attacks, including those by Jahandar plus two other adversaries.
    • Optimized cooldown periods for select Athra Surges.
    • Adapted amulet values for better alignment with gameplay.

    The Game World

    World-related resolutions:

    • Improved the gameplay camera’s focus on the unfolding action in certain areas.
    • Fixed a camera glitch occurring after utilizing fast travel in Raging Sea.
    • Avoided camera misalignment when using zone abilities while the boss teleports.
    • Fixed the Chakram and Teleport combo that could misplace Sargon outside level boundaries.
    • Addressed Sargon’s immobilization within or surrounding barriers during arena events.


    Quest improvements accomplished:

    • Motherly Love: A rare glitch trapping players in the boss arena has been fixed.
    • Moon Gatherer: Solved camera freezing upon rushing through dialogue.
    • Loot bug in The Depths rendering the Lost Warrior Insignia inaccessible is now rectified.
    • Eliminated the recurring issue of obtaining the Xerxes coin multiple times from Lost Warriors under specific conditions.

    Various Updates

    • Revised descriptions for difficulty preferences and game modes for clarity and precision.
    • Readjusted merchant prices for a selection of items.
    • Enhanced trophy names, icons, and descriptions for Sony & Microsoft console achievements.

    For a deeper dive into ‘Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’, consider exploring our expert guides detailing the Moon Gatherer locations or demystifying the Architect puzzles within the game.

    Image Source: Ubisoft

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