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Players of Warzone Pacific Experience Ineffectiveness of Enhanced Battle Hardened Perk

Enthusiasts of Warzone Pacific are encountering issues with the newly enhanced Battle Hardened Perk, citing it lacks the promised defense against Stun Grenades.

With the launch of Season 5 on August 24, the creators of Warzone Pacific upgraded the Battle Hardened Perk. This upgrade was supposed to offer players increased protection from the disorienting effects of Flash and Stun Grenades.

The intention was for Battle Hardened to provide an 80% resistance against this tactical equipment. Yet, according to player reports, the Season 5 enhancement seems to be malfunctioning.

A video posted to Reddit by a user named ‘digital_zero’ demonstrated their in-game experience while reportedly using the Battle Hardened Perk. After being fired upon, the player takes cover to recover, only to be struck by a Stun Grenade which purportedly debilitated them for 3.5 seconds—reflecting a failed perk enhancement, as the player highlighted.

The Battle Hardened buff against stuns is not working. from CODWarzone

Originally, the perk offered a 50% resistance to stun effects, but even that reduced level of stun length seemed absent according to the gameplay shared by ‘digital_zero’.

Comments on the post expressed astonishment over the non-functioning buff, with users lamenting that the Battle Hardened Perk shouldn’t allow players to be stunned that long, indicating that stuns might be excessively potent in the game.

Comment from discussion Nintendo_Pro_03’s comment from discussion “The Battle Hardened buff against stuns is not working.”.

It is quite common for new seasonal patches to introduce some unexpected bugs that are subsequently squashed. At the current moment, there has been no official response from the developers concerning this particular issue, but we will ensure to keep you updated on any developments regarding the Battle Hardened Perk.

For updates on Warzone, including insights on the Heroes and Villains event and the array of rewards available in Season 5’s Battle Pass, stay tuned.

Image Source: Rokas Tenys / Shutterstock

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