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Official Announcement: Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition Launch Date

Image Source: Kiselev Andrey Valerevich / Shutterstock

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Marking a remarkable turnaround in video game history, CD Projekt Red has made significant strides since the initial rocky release of Cyberpunk 2077. The Phantom Liberty expansion has been hailed in our review for its dedication to enhancing gameplay and introducing an engaging plot. With the expansion selling over 3 million copies, it’s exciting news that an all-inclusive edition is now being offered, perfectly timed for the festive season.

Launch Date and Anticipated Pricing for Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition

Set to launch on December 5, Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Fans can choose from both boxed and downloadable formats. While not officially declared, we anticipate the price to be around $59.99. This is a common pricing strategy for such editions following their initial debut. The release of this package has been confirmed through a tweet.

It’s widely understood that this edition isn’t tagged as a ‘Game of the Year’ release. However, with the early bugs and missing features now supplemented with significant updates, there couldn’t be a better time to dive into the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty. Engaging with characters played by Keanu Reeves and Idris Elba in the vibrant yet shadowy realm of Night City is an experience not to be missed.

The road to redemption for CDPR took time. Quest director Paweł Sasko reflected, “It’s all about how you recover from a fall that determines your legacy. It’s about whether you stand back up and forge ahead. We persevered and ultimately prevailed, and that makes me incredibly proud of our team and the support from our community.”

Is Phantom Liberty Included in Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition?

The Ultimate Edition serves up a chance to procure either a digital or hard copy of the original game bundled with the Phantom Liberty expansion. The inclusion of further exclusive features such as hidden content or special behind-the-scenes elements has yet to be confirmed. Nonetheless, it presents an enticing package. With several endings to explore, Night City awaits with an abundance of activities, even in its unextended form.

Availability of Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition for PS4 and Xbox One

Given that Phantom Liberty and the 2.0 upgrade are solely offered on the advanced console generations, the Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition will not be hitting store shelves for the older PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

And there you have it—all about Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition. For further intrigue on Phantom Liberty, have a look at our detailed guide on all the novel Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty weaponry. Plus, if you’re keen on fine-tuning your gameplay, consider our recommendations for the most effective Cyberpunk 2077 builds in version 2.0.

Image Attribution: Kiselev Andrey Valerevich / Shutterstock

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