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Neil Gaiman Confirms Possibility of ‘The Sandman’ Survival Post-Netflix Cancellation

Neil Gaiman, the mastermind behind The Sandman, has expressed optimism about the show’s continuity even amid potential cancellation by Netflix.

Netflix has garnered notoriety for its somewhat premature cancellation of series, a pattern that continues in the wake of decreasing subscriber numbers. The discontinuation of shows such as the vampire-centered series First Kill adds to the company’s history of such actions.

Despite its popularity, The Sandman has not been given the go-ahead for a second season by Netflix, leaving its fate uncertain. Nevertheless, Neil Gaiman provides a glimmer of hope, indicating that an untimely end on Netflix doesn’t spell the end for the show.

Prospects of ‘The Sandman’s’ Revival on Alternate Platforms

In response to inquiries about the future of The Sandman and whether other streaming services such as Prime Video, Apple TV, or Disney+ might become its new home, Gaiman succinctly acknowledged the possibility with an affirmative “Yes.”

Should Netflix decide to terminate its association with the show, there are clear indications that The Sandman could find refuge with other streaming providers. This wouldn’t be the first instance of Gaiman’s work finding a new platform; a similar situation occurred with the television adaptation Lucifer.

Originally broadcast on FOX, Lucifer faced cancellation in 2018, only to be resurrected by Netflix, who extended the show’s life until 2021.

Lucifer, born from The Sandman universe and featuring Tom Ellis as the eponymous Lord of Hell—a narrative thread from the graphic novels—showed how shows rooted in this comic series could thrive beyond their initial platforms, with Gwendoline Christie taking on a similar role in the new series. If season two of The Sandman materializes, her character is expected to play a more central part in the narrative.

Gaiman had hinted at a dramatic confrontation between the characters Lucifer and Morpheus marking the beginning of Season 2. A renewal would allow fans to experience the creative vision the show’s creators have in store.

Image Source: Den Of Geek

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