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Mystery Shrouds The Introduction Of A New Villain In The DBD Chapter 30 PTB Update

Image Source: Lastroll / Shutterstock

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The thrill of Halloween extends past October for Dead By Daylight fans. The long-anticipated public test build for the forthcoming chapter meant to launch on November 1st has seen its release date officially confirmed by Behaviour Interactive – arriving under the title: DBD Chapter 30 PTB.

Dead By Daylight continues to mark its dedication to the eerie and dark, honing in presently on Halloween festivities through the Haunted By Daylight event. This annual celebration offers exclusive shirts for villains and their survivors, temporary game modes, and special Hallowed skins. Just ensure you venture into the Void and gather enough Void energy to snag all cosmetic rewards before they vanish.

Not just about the tricks and treats of the Haunted By Daylight event, fans eagerly await the next big surprise – the launch of Dead By Daylight Chapter 30.

Updates on DBD Chapter 30 PTB Launch

Behaviour Interactive has shared new information surrounding the DBD Chapter 30 PTB. Originally leaked for a November 1st release, the official game Twitter denies these claims, stating ‘the PTB will not launch this week‘. Credible informant dvveet explains the public test build has been postponed, hence the lack of hints towards the new antagonist. Dvveet reveals update 7.3.3 will debut this week, hinting at a potential public test build release the following week, possibly November 8th.

Concerning Chapter 30 itself, the details remain sparse; its launch is confirmed for November and it will feature an as-yet unidentified licensed villain. The last character addition was Nicolas Cage as a survivor in a recent chapter, launched back in July.

No leaks concerning the identity of the new licensed villain have surfaced as yet. Many fans hypothesize the Predator character could make an appearance while others hope for an animatronic from Five Nights At Freddy’s to join the roster. Regardless of the reveal, expectations are high for the new antagonist’s introduction.

Looking further into the future, Dead By Daylight fans eagerly anticipate a forthcoming single-player game developed by Until Dawn creator, Supermassive Games.

Image Source: Lastroll / Shutterstock

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