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MW3’s Most Disliked Map In The Beta Is “Estate”

Image Source: Scump @ YouTube

As the second MW3 beta weekend progresses, Call of Duty enthusiasts have had the opportunity to indulge in a substantial portion of the game’s new content, including its modified maps and updated perk systems. Despite this, one particular map, Estate, did not receive the same warm reception and has instead been ranked as the least favorite amongst players.

Estate is one of the maps from MW3’s selection that features some player-favorite locations from previous games. Yet, it is persistently rated as the least enjoyable map due to some inherent flaws. The layout of the map is not easy to navigate, especially the central zone which equates to a no man’s land in the game. A sprint across this zone usually culminates in a quick demise, rendering it an impractical section of the map.

Many dedicated Call of Duty gamers have voiced their dissatisfaction with Estate so vehemently on social media, that they’ve started publishing exasperated critics online. Reddit user named Deus-Ex-MJ noted under a post, “The cabin/house was always the preferred location of play even in the original MW2,”. They further elaborated how the map’s spawn logic was below par, mentioning that unless Sledgehammer Games corrects it, the map will continue to be a pain.

Another player observed that “Many of the traditional maps were not created for such rapid movement speeds.” “This disrupts the rhythm of the map and hinders the spawn system,” they added, while another participant commented: “Having 150 health coupled with such quick, erratic movement doesn’t make for a good combination.”

Not all MW3 maps have been featured in the beta, but it seems plausible that Estate will retain its status as the least popular location once the Modern Warfare 3 is officially released. If playing in this map becomes unavoidable when the game launches, consider looking at our top recommendations for the best Striker loadout and the best MCW loadout to help you navigate its perimeter with ease.

Image Source: Scump @ YouTube

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