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Minecraft Prohibits the Use of NFTs and Blockchain

Image Source: everything possible / Shutterstock

Mojang Studios has taken a firm stand against the integration of NFTs and blockchain technologies in Minecraft.

The company conveyed its position in a recent blog update. It expressed concerns stating, “NFTs can create a sense of artificial scarcity and exclusion that goes against Minecraft‘s core principles. To guarantee an equitable and inclusive gaming environment for our players, the incorporation of blockchain technology within our game and server software is prohibited. Likewise, using Minecraft‘s in-game elements such as environments, character skins, items, or alterations to generate scarce digital commodities via blockchain tech is forbidden.”

In its communication, Mojang provided additional context for its decision. “NFT and blockchain utilization ushers in a paradigm of digital ownership predicated upon rarity and exclusion, a model that diverges from the inclusive and cooperative ethos of Minecraft. The division wrought by NFTs into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ does not serve our community equitably. Moreover, the speculative nature and ‘investment’ angle associated with NFTs diverts attention from the core experience of gaming, nurturing a culture of speculation rather than one focused on sustained enjoyment and success within the game.”

The gaming industry has seen its fair share of debates over NFTs. Earlier in the year, Team17 had to retract a venture into NFTs with MetaWorms due to backlash from the gaming community and its developers. Similarly, the game distributor excluded NFTs from its platform in February. That said, some entities continue to forge ahead with NFT initiatives, like the Polium One, which has been touted as the inaugural “NFT gaming console” and was announced just this month.


Image Credit: everything possible / Shutterstock

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