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‘Matchpoint: Tennis Championships’ Game Makes Its Debut

Image Source: Kalypso Media @ YouTube

The much-anticipated sports simulation Matchpoint: Tennis Championships is officially released, now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC platforms—including day-one availability on Xbox Game Pass.

Torus Games is the creative force behind this new title, promising players an approachable tennis experience without sacrificing depth. Dive into the game’s launch excitement with the newly unveiled trailer:

The game’s specifics are impressive: “Experience stadium authenticity with Matchpoint: Tennis Championships that presents a true-to-the-sport tennis journey enhanced by a robust career module and a distinctive competitor system. The emphasis here lies in the tactical finesse of the game, where strategic movement and shot precision allow for a player to navigate their tennis pro with a level of sophistication that is both realistic and rewarding.

“With a combination of fluid character dynamics, realistic ball mechanics, and fine-tuned player capabilities, Matchpoint: Tennis Championships achieves an immersive tempo of play where each serve and return adds to the satisfyingly authentic game rhythm.”

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for a tennis title, coinciding with the Wimbledon semi-finals creating a buzz worldwide. The last couple of tennis offerings reviewed by VideoGamer were Virtua Tennis 2009 and Virtua Tennis: World Tour. Tom Orry shared his thoughts on these past hits, praising the former for its more authentic play and the versatility of its MotionPlus controls, and commending the latter as a standout launch title for the PSP, comparing its success to the esteemed career of Tim Henman—excellent, but not quite at the apex of the world stage.

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Image Credit: Kalypso Media @ YouTube

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