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    Mastering Controller Gameplay in Fortnite

    Image Source: Kate Krav-Rude / Shutterstock
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    Mastering Fortnite with a gamepad presents its own set of challenges. The scarcity of buttons can be a bottleneck, especially when competing with players on PC. Although controller gamers typically hold the edge over mobile players, they often find it tough to contend with keyboard and mouse users.

    However, a fresh tactic has emerged that promises to close the performance divide between PC gamers and those using controllers. Sony has recently uncovered a setting adjustment that can exponentially boost controller accuracy and fluidity in-game. This technique is particularly tailored for DualSense Edge controller users, but other controllers might reap similar improvements.

    It’s widely recognized that keyboard and mouse inputs offer greater precision for actions like aiming and construction in the game. Despite several updates from Epic Games designed to enhance the experience for controller enthusiasts, the console crowd still often feels outmatched by their PC adversaries.

    Come January 2023, and Sony launched their advanced DualSense Edge controller for the PlayStation 5. Packed with numerous advanced features, such as customizable control layouts and tunable sticks, this controller unlocks new potential for Fortnite fans.

    As demonstrated in the video provided, honing in the analog sticks’ sensitivity curves is crucial. To make these adjustments, navigate to Settings, then to Accessories on your PlayStation 5. Choose the DualSense Edge Controller and set up a personal profile. Head to the Stick Sensitivity/Dead Zone section next.

    When tuning your controller for Fortnite, it’s recommended to employ the Precise setting for the right analog stick for better aiming, and the Quick setting for the left for enhanced mobility. With these tweaks, players can expect to aim more accurately and place structures with greater consistency.

    While the aforementioned strategy is specific to the Edge controller, it’s worth exploring the settings of other advanced controllers, such as the Xbox Elite Controller, which might offer similar customization options.

    Image Source: Kate Krav-Rude / Shutterstock

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