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Holiday Camo Absence Stuns MW3 Enthusiasts

Image Sorce: Miguel Lagoa @ShutterStock

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As the countdown to the kickoff of MW3’s Season 1 continues, the gaming community has been scrutinizing the assortment of weapon camos and cosmetic items soon to be accessible via the game’s inaugural Battle Pass.

Curiously, one particular camouflage pattern has yet to be announced for the upcoming season’s content, despite its presence in the game’s single-player story mode. This is the Snow Camo pattern, which was highlighted by Reddit user DisastrousBeach8087 in the Modern Warfare 3 subreddit thread titled “All I want for Christmas is snow camo!” This thread has sparked a conversation among fellow gamers, perplexed by the missing winter-themed items.

The absence of such themed camo is indeed notable, given that these designs are evidently crafted and featured within the core narrative of the game. Echoing this sentiment, a user named DJ Hindsight commented, “I’m still convinced that if they brought out proper milsim skins like these they would still sell like the ridiculous bright ones do.” Their argument holds weight and it’s worth mentioning that the game does not lack holiday-themed operator skins and add-ons altogether. For example, players can look forward to acquiring the Santa Gnaws Ultra Skin set in the store as Season 1 arrives.

Moreover, it has been revealed that a selection of the most beloved maps from MW3 will receive a seasonal touch-up. The game’s multiplayer maps, like Sub Base and Skidrow, already depict winter scenes, underscoring that wintry combat is not a foreign concept. Therefore, the exclusion of such seasonally fitting cosmetics in the Battle Pass for even the renowned Task Force 141 operatives is particularly puzzling.

With Season 1 projected to span roughly three months, the season will certainly cover the winter period – yet, there’s an abundance of content to anticipate. Don’t forget to explore the updates in store for MW3’s Season 1, including fresh locations, outlined in our MW3 Maps guide. Season 1 begins today, so make sure to peruse our comprehensive list of all the new operators debuting in MW3 Season 1.

Image Sorce: Miguel Lagoa @ShutterStock

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