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    Helldivers 2 New Update Addresses Crucial Mission Difficulty

    Image Source: PlayStation @ YouTube

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    In “Helldivers 2,” players have been grappling with a pivotal Major Order that promises to significantly impact the game’s direction, marking the first major intervention by The Illuminate in the ongoing Galactic War. This Major Order involves an operation to drill for Dark Fluid on Meridia, ultimately targeting its destruction and erasure from the galaxy. However, gamers have encountered a defect that renders the mission nearly unachievable.

    With the countdown ticking and just two days remaining for the Major Order, Arrowhead Game Studios has swiftly rectified the grievance with the introduction of their most recent patch 1.000.305.

    Patch Notes for Helldivers 2 Version 1.000.305

    The developers at Arrowhead Game Studios have rolled out update 1.000.305 earlier today to rectify an error in the Operation: Enduring Peace mission. This glitch led to adversaries spawning at the drilling site, frequently destroying the equipment and thwarting players’ progress in the mission.

    These are the comprehensive details for the 1.000.305 update.

    Corrections Made

    • Resolved a glitch that caused adversaries to appear on the drill during the “Operation: Enduring Peace” task.

    Persistent Problems

    The following issues are new or unresolved from prior updates and are currently being addressed:

    • Some players might find they cannot manage friend requests, including sending, accepting, or declining them.
    • There could be an absence of functionality for blocking other players.
    • Upon blocking players, they may not be added to the Blocked Player list and could still join games.
    • Alterations to the language setting for text during missions can lead to crashes.
    • There may be unexpected lags in receiving Medals and Super Credits.
    • In some cases, players may receive an unusually high amount of experience points.
    • Defeated enemies that die from bleeding do not contribute towards completing Personal Orders and Eradicate missions.
    • Electric arc weaponry can show erratic behavior and occasionally not fire correctly.
    • When aiming down sights, most weapons may not align with the crosshair, firing slightly lower instead.
    • The AR-61 Tenderizer is currently underperforming and has not yet achieved our intended design.
    • There are inconsistencies with the Spear’s lock-on feature, especially for targeting larger foes.
    • Even though a Stratagem beam may attach to a pursuing enemy, it will deploy at the original intended location.
    • Under heavy enemy encirclement, a Helldiver may find themselves unable to transition from a crouched position.
    • The “Hand Carts” Ship module is not properly reducing the cooldown for the Shield Generator Pack.
    • During an in-progress match, a subset of players may encounter an issue where they become immobilized within the Loadout screen.
    • A glitch may render ‘Reinforcement’ unavailable for some individuals joining mid-game sessions.
    • Completion of planet liberation erroneously displays as 100% after concluding every Defend mission.

    Image Source: PlayStation @ YouTube

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