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GTA 6 Showed a Multitude of Animals Amidst Vice City’s Luxuriant Environments

Image Source: QubixStudio @ShutterStock

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Eager enthusiasts have been dissecting the latest GTA 6 trailer with fervor, including our team, and among the plethora of exciting elements is the diverse array of animals showcased.

Right off the bat, the promotional video gives us a peek at some of the sea life we can expect to encounter in the game, anticipated to launch in 2025. In the first eleven seconds, we’re greeted by the sight of dolphins, whales, and sharks gliding through the azure waters near Vice City’s shores. Dolphins made their debut in GTA 5 and, though their role was minor, sharks were notably added as a boundary mechanic to restrict players’ oceanic explorations. We’re also treated to a captivating shot of birds in flight over the bay close to the beginning of the footage.

The trailer doesn’t stop at showcasing marine life. It hints at excursions into swamplands surrounding the metropolis, in what is GTA 6’s rendition of Florida. Shortly into the trailer, we see a group of flamingos, which quickly transitions to a beach scene where a charming chihuahua is strolling next to its human, sparking speculation about the potential return of dog companionship mechanics in GTA 6. Recalling GTA 5, remember the variety of dogs featured, such as Franklin’s canine companion Chop? Players could care for Chop via a mobile game-like app. Whether GTA 6 will offer something similar is up for conjecture, but it’s clear that fans are eager for it.

Another animal cameo in the trailer features an alligator being removed from a residential swimming pool – reminiscent of how alligators were a common sight in Red Dead Redemption 2. This instance suggests that Rockstar Games might intertwine aspects of their beloved western title with GTA 6. Reflecting upon GTA 5, the expanded editions introduced the option to embody various animals through some peculiar side missions involving hallucinogens. The community is hopeful that GTA 6 will continue this trend, and a subsequent scene showing an alligator in a gas station seems to fan these flames of anticipation.

We can only look forward to 2025 when GTA 6 is slated to arrive, to fully discover and possibly interact with the wildlife within the next iteration of Rockstar’s iconic open-world saga. Meanwhile, speculation is rife about who might lend their voices to the characters of GTA 6. The game has been officially announced for the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, while the release details for the PC version remain uncertain.

Image Source: QubixStudio @ShutterStock

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