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Gamers Blame Aim Assist For Missed Shots In Fortnite

Image Source: Kate Krav-Rude / Shutterstock

Debates about the pros and cons of aim assist frequently surface among Fortnite’s passionate fan base. Opinions range from seeing it as a necessary tool to a contentious advantage over other players. Recently, a member of the Fortnite forums escalated this ongoing discussion.

On the Fortnite subreddit, player Chris908 uploaded a clip of their gameplay with this caption: “I’m on PS5 with a PS5 controller. Aim assist is supposedly so strong that I couldn’t hit a single shot with my AR. If you’re blaming aim assist, maybe it’s not overpowering – maybe it’s just you not facing up to skilled players.” The shared video indeed shows Chris908 landing an initial strike but then repeatedly missing its target as it deftly evades their shots.

Some stand firmly with the original poster (OP), arguing that console aim assist feels virtually ineffective. “I might as well not have aim assist on my Series X,” voiced EntaroAdune. “I’ve become so savvy with unassisted aiming that when I try other games with pronounced aim assist, like Apex Legends, it disrupts my flow.” Others also perceive this as evidence that the existing aim assist is weaker than some players believe. “Aim assist hardly packs a punch nowadays, especially on console,” asserts YungArmour. “It’s barely noticeable, certainly not as aggressive as the days of persistent left trigger locking. What’s more, a significant majority of top players use mouse and keyboard over controllers.”

Conversely, a part of the community believes the video doesn’t validate Chris908’s claims about Aim Assist. “It’s there to support, not to take over your aiming,” commented Public-Sink6672. “Don’t expect miracles if you’re off-target.” Davygravy123 quipped, “I’ve never witnessed such a concerted effort to prove one’s gaming shortcomings.”

Some community members stepped up with constructive feedback for Chris908. “Try fine-tuning the dead zone settings,” recommended George3452. “This might help with the overcorrection during fine movements.” When questioned about their settings, they replied, “Mine are at 30% for both sticks – I could delve deeper into adjustments, but I’m content with this familiar setup. I’m not entirely sure, but I believe consoles start with rather low dead zone settings by default.”

This controversial topic is far from being settled within the Fortnite community, and it will be interesting to see if Epic Games will adjust the mechanics in upcoming versions. In the meantime, if you’re in search of the optimal controllers for Fortnite this year, have a look at our recommendations. Additionally, you might want to learn about enabling Aim Assist for Fortnite Chapter 5.

Image Source: Kate Krav-Rude / Shutterstock

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