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Frustration Arises Among Fortnite Players Over Missing Item Shop Cosmetics

Image Source: Julio Ricco / Shutterstock

A wave of frustration has hit the Fortnite community due to perceived mishaps in the game’s item store, particularly after the influx of new cosmetic options with the integration of Lego and the Fortnite Festival.

An online forum has been buzzing with grievances from players such as Approporiate-Yam-6230, who criticizes Epic Games for their handling of item restocking, citing instances where re-released bundles lack essential components from their original launch.

“It’s a real letdown for those of us eager to support Epic with our purchases. I had been looking forward to the Airphoria collection for a long time, only to find the entire second bundle missing when it finally reappeared,” laments a player.

Another user, Numerous_Signal_6106, suggests the partnership with Lego Fortnite may be to blame for the disappearance of certain items, pointing out that certain emotes have no Lego counterpart. “It’s been a recurring issue with various special skins, like Icon series, Jack Skellington, Marvel, and others,” they add.

The sentiment that the item store is deteriorating grows stronger within the community, as JohnathanStryker comments: “The situation with the item shop has become quite exasperating. The rotation is unimpressive, items are often bundled exclusively, parts of sets are sold separately, among other disappointments.”

“The failure to restock complete sets is inexcusable,” avers another user, 2spooky4h. “Items from the Futurama series, the original Black Widow’s accessory, John Wick’s companion Sophia, Jack Skellington’s emotes and bundles, and now Airphoria’s equipment have all been notably absent.”

The inventory of Fortnite’s item shop has become increasingly cluttered since the launches of Lego Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, and Rocket Racing, exacerbating the sense of discontent within the player base.

As Epic Games rolls out a Lego Fortnite update featuring fishing and ushers in the second season of Fortnite Festival with Lady Gaga, community unrest looks set to persist for some time. Meanwhile, fans dedicated to the core game are turning their attention to the upcoming start of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. For those interested in speeding through the levels, check out our recommendations for the top Fortnite XP maps for efficient leveling.

Image Source: Julio Ricco / Shutterstock

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