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    Fortnite Revives A Fan-Favorite Boogie Bombs

    Image Source: Rokas Tenys / Shutterstock

    It’s been a mere seven days since the debut of Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 3, and the game is already buzzing with updates. Fans are expressing their disappointment over the weakened state of cars, while celebrations ensue for the return of boogie bombs. The headline, however, is all about Epic Games’ confirmation of reintroducing a much-pleaded for hurlable item, and we’ve got the scoop on what it is.

    With the commencement of the new season, Epic Games has been showering players with complimentary offerings, including exclusive Fortnite goodies and an impressive AAA superhero game, courtesy of the Epic Games store. While some players may be grumbling about the car nerfs, there’s a silver lining: look forward to more upcoming modifications for vehicles.

    Boogie bombs have made a comeback in the realm of Epic Games’ blockbuster battle royale, sparking mixed reactions: some players are ecstatic, others, not so enthused. But ready your arms — that well-liked “widely-requested throwable object” is gearing up for a return to take the boogie bomb’s place.

    The Return of EMP Grenades to Fortnite’s Arsenal

    That’s right, EMP grenades are scheduled to make their reappearance in Fortnite. The dissatisfaction with vehicle nerfs announced on May 30th has been vocal, but so has the controversy over the unvaulting of Boogie Bombs. Epics’ teasing of electrically charged throws, as indicated in their FortniteGame Twitter feed and backed by Twitter teases from Hypex, confirms that EMP Grenades are set to take over from the boogie bombs.

    The precise timing of EMP Grenades’ comeback remains vague with Epic Games simply teasing it’s happening ‘soon’. Players are polarized by the notion of swapping Boogie Bombs for EMP Grenades.

    Community discussions on Reddit highlight this split, with one user expressing, “I’m not happy. Boogie bombs are my jam,” while others are sighing in relief, “Finally, Boogie Bombs are a nightmare to deal with.”

    An additional concern is the impact EMP Grenades will have on vehicles. With cars already diminished in capabilities, some worry that the reintroduction of EMP Grenades could further undermine their effectiveness in gameplay.

    Image Source: Rokas Tenys / Shutterstock

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