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Fortnite Is Introducing Enforcer AR And Flowberry Fizz As A New Feature

Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

A surprise update just landed in Fortnite, and while Epic Games kept quiet about its release, players are quite accustomed to such stealth drops, especially for updates of a lesser scale. Fear not about interruptions—this update seamlessly integrates into the game without the hassle of a download.

Looking to get up to speed with the newest changes in Fortnite? Our summary of patch notes is here to break down all the essentials. We’ll introduce new gameplay elements and bid farewell to some past features, as well as delve into perks like free Fortnite skins.

Fresh Additions to Fortnite: Enforcer AR and Flowberry Fizz

The start of the year brought players two exciting additions: the Enforcer AR and Flowberry Fizz. Veterans might recognize the Enforcer AR which used to be claimed by defeating Vengeance Jones. Now, players can find it among various loot options and in additional rarity levels.

For those seeking a powerful, albeit slower, shooting experience, the Enforcer AR boasts significant hit damage, with its Legendary variant delivering a solid 39 damage per shot, and its Common version at 32 damage. Players can enhance this new firearm with a variety of mods, such as sights and barrel attachments.

Joining the armament is the Flowberry Fizz – a consumable introduced in the latest update providing not only a shield boost of up to 100 points but also a unique low-gravity effect. It’s an area-of-effect consumable, meaning your squad can also reap the benefits. Look for this fizzy aid in chests, strewn as floor loot, from supply drones, among other places.

Moving beyond what’s new, we need to acknowledge what’s departing. The Grappler and other Winterfest items have been vaulted, and the Winterfest 2023 quests have concluded, putting an end to the opportunity to earn free seasonal outfits.

Anticipate the next wave of content to arrive by Tuesday, January 9, as Epic Games is back from their two-week winter holiday. Fresh updates are on the horizon.

Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

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