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    Fortnite Brings New Extreme Challenges For Additional XP And Complimentary Items

    Image Source: Kate Krav-Rude / Shutterstock

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    Are you a proficient Fortnite player seeking extra rewards this season? With the launch of Chapter 5 Season 3, Epic Games has introduced a set of thrilling challenges named Wastelander Challenges. Excel in these high-stakes tasks and earn unique prizes; though be forewarned, a Victory Royale with specific prerequisites is your ticket to success.

    In the last season, Epic Games unveiled hidden achievements within Fortnite, a concept that’s been broadened with the current season. Now players can trigger new challenges and monitor their progress in the game. On completion of a challenge for the first time, participants are awarded the Wastelander’s Mark wrap, a distinct aesthetic addition to your arsenal.

    Face the Ultimate Test with Fortnite’s Newest Challenges

    To embark on these extreme challenges, players must interact with one of the Wasteland Beacons scattered across the island. Presently, there are four such beacons placed strategically on the map for Chapter 5 Season 3, which must be accessed before the second storm circle starts to shrink. Here are their specific locales:

    • Rebel’s Roost
    • Southeast of Brutal Beachhead
    • South of Reckless Railways
    • Southeast of Classy Courts

    Committing to a Wastelander challenge means it’s in effect for the entirety of your game. Hence, make sure to arm yourself with potent weaponry and sufficient healing supplies prior to engaging with a beacon. Each challenge is selected at random, and our compilation below details every one of them.

    Here’s a rundown of the Wastelander Quests available in Fortnite:

    • The Ground Is Lava: Suffer injury upon contact with the ground.
    • Burnin’ Hot Items: Receive damage when you pick up objects.
    • Jammed Clips: You cannot reload your weapons.
    • Perma-Damage: Use of health and shield boosts is prohibited.
    • Full Throttle: Sustain harm if you’re motionless.
    • Unshielded: Shield acquisition is impossible.

    Bearing in mind, securing victory in a round with an extreme quest active is a condition for earning the wrap. Additionally, you’ll reap the advantage of extra experience points, propelling you through your Battle Pass advancements swiftly.

    Image Source: Kate Krav-Rude / Shutterstock

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