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Fans Speculate Loba’s Heirloom is Next, Based on Respawn Developer’s Teaser

Enthusiasts of Apex Legends are buzzing with speculation that Respawn Entertainment’s developers are dropping clues about the next Heirloom, which might be Loba’s.

With the launch of Apex Legends Season 14, players are eagerly diving into the games with the new Legend Vantage and exploring the recent modifications highlighted in the update notes. The community is also keenly anticipating what’s on the horizon, particularly the releases planned for this season.

Every season brings fresh content such as events and the chance for another Legend to be graced with a coveted Heirloom. With the current season raising the Level Cap, all players now have the opportunity to unlock an Heirloom without any cost. The speculation is abuzz – who will be the chosen Legend to receive this special item in Season 14?

Following the release of Valkyrie’s coveted Suzaku in Season 13, whispers in the community indicate that Loba might be the next recipient of this distinguished item.

A cryptic post has caught the attention of the Apex Legends community: Moy Parra, Apex Legends’ Lead Animator at Respawn, shared a compelling gif and a caption on August 13 that fans are interpreting as a sly nod to the forthcoming Heirloom.

The post features Loba and comes with a caption mentioning she’s been occupying a lot of the dev team’s thoughts lately. This could mean they’ve been putting in the hours on her Heirloom, and there’s speculation Moy himself has been crafting the signature animations for it.

Discussions on the Apex Legends subreddit are heating up as some members point to Moy’s post, suggesting it could hint at the arrival of the “next heirloom.”

Only time will tell what the new Heirloom looks like, but it’s not the debut of such predictions. Leakers have been sharing potential designs and theorizing about the release dates for Loba’s Heirloom for some time.

Image Source: Mano Kors / Shutterstock

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