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Fans Shocked By Veteran Running Back’s Longevity In Madden 24 Simulation

Image Source: Sharaf Maksumov @ShutterStock

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Many enthusiasts of Madden 24 enjoy propelling their franchise mode years into the future. This experimental move allows them to experience a completely refreshed player roster as the old guard exits. Fast-forward two decades and the NFL in the game bears little resemblance to its current state, a transformation avid gamers are eager to witness. One particular fan’s advance through the years left the online community in shock, as a well-known athlete remained active well past the usual retirement age.

Star Running Back’s Age Renders Madden 24 Players Speechless

At the youthful age of 25 and in the prime of his career, Minnesota Vikings’ Alexander Mattison would not typically be expected to play past his mid-30s. Yet, according to a Reddit post by u/formerbudman, Mattison not only surpasses this age but is still going strong at 52.

Unfortunately for Mattison, the game’s age regression mechanics have taken a toll. Once placed as a 77 OVR halfback, the future sees him plummet to an almost impossible 16 OVR at 52 years old, an unheard-of rating for any player, let alone one at that age.

Such an occurrence left the community dumbfounded. Typically, a simulation so far ahead results in a completely new set of faces, but not for Mattison. Commentary from u/kanbabrif1 humorously notes that Mattison must be indifferent to family life, having notably sustained a grueling three-decade career, leaving him metaphorically as nothing more than a pile of bones.

An additional jest from another game fan points out that he’s on the verge of turning to dust, with only 16 points left until he hits rock bottom. A fellow Madden player poked fun at the Vikings, indicating that Mattison, despite being a less impressive backup to Dalvin Cook, seems destined to never leave the team.

“If a 50-year-old running back was up for grabs in my game, I’d snatch him up right away, if only to see him crumble after the first hit,” quipped u/Russit2201. Mattison’s steady decline suggests that it won’t be long before he reaches a legendary 0 OVR, much to the curiosity of Madden 24 players. While the game typically ensures players retire at reasonable ages, occasionally, one slips through the cracks.

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Image Source: Sharaf Maksumov @ShutterStock

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