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Fans of Apex Legends Discover Astonishing Vantage Wall Run Maneuver

Apex Legends enthusiasts are mastering the capabilities of Season 14’s new addition, Vantage, and have found that she has an unexpected wall-running talent.

The arrival of Apex Legends Season 14 has caused a stir, drawing an unprecedented number of players, with the game recording its highest tally of concurrent Steam users to date.

While some bugs have surfaced, such as legends displaying incorrect powers and Heat Shields appearing atop characters’ heads, the rollout of Season 14 has generally been met with praise.

The ink has barely dried on the new season and yet players are uncovering extraordinary methods to exploit Vantage’s skills. It’s been revealed by the player base that Vantage can mimic the wall-running ability seen in Titanfall, a mechanic from the series that Apex Legends is based on.

Skeptation, a prominent figure in the Apex Legends scene, is known to be a treasure trove of game-changing strategies and insights, focusing on the intricacies of various characters.

With a substantial update like Season 14, which brought a myriad of adjustments listed in the update notes, players have a lot to digest. Among the revelations, what Skeptation has shared is particularly striking – Vantage is able to perform a unique kind of wall running.

Through a video demonstration by Skeptation, we witness that Vantage can elegantly circumvent obstructions when aligning her sight with her mechanized companion, Echo – showcasing a sleek navigation around barriers using a wall-run-like technique.

Thus, while not a direct replication of Titanfall’s iconic wall running, Vantage’s adaptation of this maneuver adds a unique edge to her mobility within the game.

For avid followers of Apex Legends, be sure to stay informed on the modifications to Ranked Leagues for Season 14.

Image Attribution: Mano Kors / Shutterstock

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