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Expected PS Plus November 2023 Lineup: Unveiling Dates and Speculated Titles for Extra and Premium Tiers

Image Source: Tirachard Kumtanom / Shutterstock

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As we dive into November, the gaming scene remains vibrant, albeit slightly quieter than the bustling October that brought us heavy hitters like Alan Wake 2 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Following the Essential games provided by Sony, the anticipation builds for the upcoming Extra and Premium tier games. The expected announcement of the PS Plus November 2023 Extra and Premium games is just on the horizon, with online predictions causing a stir.

Before we get the new lineup for PlayStation’s subscription tiers, remember that the PSN store Black Friday sale 2023 commencement is nearing. It’s an opportune moment to extend or level up your PS Plus yearly membership in anticipation of potential price hikes. Furthermore, it’s crucial not to miss out on claiming the present PlayStation Plus November 2023 Essential titles before the festive month arrives.

For those seeking to bolster their game collection, Persona 5 Tactica and Like A Dragon Gaiden await. But if your budget is stretched thin, we’re left to hope that Sony will serve up more fantastic additions to the Extra and Premium game libraries.

When to Expect the PS Plus Extra and Premium November 2023 Games Announcement

Sony is expected to announce the PS Plus Extra and Premium games for November 2023 on November 15th. The company typically unveils Extra and Premium games on a Wednesday, one week following the Essential announcements. This pattern held in October when the Essentials were released on the 3rd and the higher-tier games were unveiled on the 11th. Given that this year’s November Essentials arrived on the 7th, the following Wednesday for Extra and Premium games makes logical sense.

If the reveal happens as predicted on the 15th, players can look forward to accessing the new games starting the following Tuesday, which would be the 21st of November. Additionally, gamers should mark their calendars for November 29th for the Essentials of December, though these dates are not set in stone and are based on Sony’s usual scheduling.

Be sure to secure the PS Plus November 2023 Essentials prior to December 5th. The current freebies include Mafia II Definitive Edition, Aliens Fireteam Elite, and Dragonball The Breakers.

Game Predictions for PS Plus Premium November 2023

A notable prediction for the PS Plus Premium tier for November is the PSP classic, Disney Pixar’s UP. According toGematsu’s Twitter feed, the game has received ratings for PS4 and PS5 in Taiwan, hinting it might become part of the PlayStation Classics range in the coming months. This might not occur immediately this month or even this year, and while it’s often the PSP versions that are offered, many recall Toy Story 3 on the PS3 fondly for its engaging gameplay and open-world exploration – a stark contrast to the less acclaimed PSP iteration.

Turning to other rumors, theReddit community speculateswith suggestions such as Cuphead and Little Nightmares 2, both of which would be exciting, especially considering the upcoming launch of Little Nightmares 3 in 2024. Other guesses circle around Hades and Forspoken, with some jokingly comparing getting Forspoken to receiving coal in their holiday stocking. Sifu is frequently guessed, along with the unique puzzle adventure featuring James McAvoy and Daisy Ridley, 12 Minutes.

Apart from Disney Pixar’s UP, these predictions are just speculations without solid backing. The PS Plus Extra and Premium catalogs could feature any number of surprises, and it’s wise to temper expectations to avoid disappointment. Here’s to hoping that Sony delights subscribers with noteworthy titles, complementing the Black Friday window to refresh or upgrade PS Plus memberships.

Image Credit: Tirachard Kumtanom / Shutterstock

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