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Epic Games Unveils Subtle Changes to Fortnite’s Terrain That Nearly Went Unseen

Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

Epic Games is notorious for routinely altering the landscape of Fortnite’s map. The battlefield has undergone significant transformations over six years. Gamers have witnessed five unique islands, each with its own distinctive makeup, dramatically evolve.

Since the introduction of Chapter 5, two months have elapsed, and Epic has not wasted time in tweaking the island’s features. The most notable alteration to date involved thawing out certain snowy regions and introducing a foreboding, dark forest biome in their place. Yet, beyond this, Epic quietly implemented another terrain adjustment that slipped past most observers.

Recent Fortnite Map Update Might Be Tied to an Upcoming Live Event

With update v28.10, the first substantial topographical shift surfaced on Fortnite’s island. While the disappearance of snow in the north caught the attention of many, a discreet development occurred on the island’s eastern frontier. Notably, the icy expanses surrounding the Grand Glacier began to thaw.

A downed airliner previously perched in the hills just south of a nearby hotel has descended the slope. Esteemed YouTuber Tabor Hill provided an excellent visual comparison of the glacier’s state pre- and post-update in one of his videos.

This subtle transformation may seem minor, but it could hint at a larger live event or the approaching Season 2. Trusted sources suggest the upcoming Fortnite season will be heralded by several significant map updates. Alongside the receding glacier, rumors suggest the potential return of an earthquake event and possibly another inundation event if the thawing continues.

The imminent v28.20 update promises further evolution for the Fortnite landscape. As the season’s second grand update, we anticipate a fresh array of cosmetic options and even more alterations to the island.

Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

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