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Epic Games Might Release A Revolutionary Fortnite Update Shortly

Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

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Epic Games has consistently introduced new features to Fortnite, continuously transforming its appearance and contributing to its sustained acclaim into 2024. It’s expected that the development team will persist in launching innovative enhancements for the game.

Over a year ago, Epic’s founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney, hinted at a revolutionary feature heading to Fortnite: player-driven character customization. Despite the initial reveal, this news did not generate significant buzz at the time. However, there are indicators suggesting that its implementation may be on the horizon.

An Imminent Arrival of Skin Customization in Fortnite?

Currently, Fortnite’s Item Shop serves as the main venue for acquiring cosmetic items, with occasional opportunities to secure free skins for a limited span. Tim Sweeney has identified skin customization as a forthcoming addition to this mix. The CEO disclosed this information in a Twitter post in December 2022.

In response to inquiries about skin customization making its way to Fortnite Creative, Sweeney suggested that it would be implemented “eventually but not very soon.” Given that more than a year has elapsed since that update, the launch of this feature with Chapter 5 could be imminent.

While introducing skin customization might seem detracting from the allure of the Item Shop, Epic has the potential to monetize this through the sale of distinctive customization elements, such as hairstyles and body shapes.

Fortnite has dabbled in customizable skins before, the earliest example being the Gear Specialist Maya from the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass. By granting users complete freedom in skin customization, both the players and Epic could benefit tremendously. Such a feature would revolutionize the game by empowering players to manifest their imagination directly, circumventing the constraints of the Item Shop’s offerings, which is why its anticipated introduction is met with excitement.

Image Source: Cassiano Correia / Shutterstock

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