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    Embark on a Jungle Adventure with Helldivers 2 New Viper Commandos Warbond

    Image Source: PlayStation/ Youtube

    The latest addition to the Helldivers 2 gaming experience is here, taking players deep into a lush jungle setting. The Viper Commandos Warbond is stepping up the game by introducing skins for vehicles, offering a first-of-its-kind aesthetic enhancement in the franchise.

    The eagerly awaited Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos Warbond is slated for release on the previously rumored date of June 13th. This Warbond, like its predecessors, will be available for 1,000 Super Credits. These credits can be earned during gameplay or purchased directly from the game’s Store. Here’s a detailed look at what the package includes:

    • PH-202 Twigsnapper (Defensive Gear)
    • PH-9 Predator (Protective Gear)
    • AR-23A Liberator Carbine (Main Firearm)
    • SG-22 Bushwacker (Backup Firearm)
    • Viper Shutter (Design)
    • Viper Hellpod (Design)
    • Viper Combat Walker (Design)
    • K2 Throwing Knife (Equipment)
    • Experimental Infusion Grenade (Equipment)
    • 300 Super Earned Credits (Equipment)
    • Symbol of the Crimson Fang (Standard)
    • Executor’s Shelter (Standard)
    • Symbol of the Crimson Fang (Cloak)
    • Executor’s Shelter (Cloak)
    • Challenge of Mettle (Gesture)
    • Ovation of Approval (Gesture)
    • Salute of Freedom (Gesture)
    • Viper Commando (Designation)

    The introduction of the Viper Commandos Premium Warbond arrives in the wake of Helldivers 2’s most pivotal occurrence to date – the irreversible obliteration of planet Meridia after a decisive Major Order, leaving a black hole in its stead that now menaces the entirety of the cosmos. This serves as a prelude to the anticipated emergence of The Illuminate, marking the introduction of a novel faction to the fray.

    As with any addition of new Premium Warbonds, this brings forth the potential to alter the existing dynamics of play. Observing the performance of these fresh weapons and armors alongside existing ones promises to be fascinating. To ensure you are strategically prepared, we suggest diving into our comprehensive guides on the best weaponry and armor for Helldivers 2. Equipping your squad with the right gear is crucial for dispensing Liber-tea to the Automatons, Terminids, Illuminate, and any emerging threats to Super Earth.

    Image Source: PlayStation/ Youtube

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