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Discovering the New Rick and Morty Voice Actors: How Adult Swim Made It Happen

Rick and Morty crewmembers had a tall task making Rick and Morty season 7 happen– they had to cast Rick and Morty! TV show history may have been made in more ways than one on this major Adult Swim show, as audiences everywhere tuned in to watch Rick and Morty at the top of the season, not knowing who would be Morty and Rick. With Justin Roiland no longer on the show, all eyes were scrutinizing Rick and Morty. Evil Morty took a major role this season, and for that, they’d need a pitch perfect recast. Alas, Evil Morty, Rick Prime, and the titular Rick & Morty…turned out great? Here, Kim Horcher discusses the process of how the seemingly easy transition needed a lot of hard work behind the scenes of Rick and Morty.
Most people have a Rick Sanchez/ Prime Rick impression, but that’s enough to fill the big cartoon shoes of Rick and Morty. New voice actor candidates were heavily auditioned, and finally, the Rick and Morty new voices were found. The Rick and Morty new voice revealed…well, actually it was pretty seamless and not so much a massive “reveal.” Dan Harmon and the crew worked hard to cast new Rick and Morty voice actors, and as revealed to us, the new Rick and Morty search was very comprehensive. Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden are the new Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, seamlessly melding into the original Justin Roiland voices. With an extensive world of The Smiths, Mr. Poopy Butthole, Rick Prime, and co there wasn’t room for mistakes (except Mr. Poppybutthole, who is constantly making mistakes).
The goal was making the Rick and Morty voice changes as seamless as could be among the Rick and Morty cast, so the stories could remind the focus ahead of what’s past the fourth wall. After watching the adventures of Rick and Morty (Poopy Butthole too), the casting had melted away for many of us by the episode “How Poopy Got His Poop Back.”

Credit: YouTube/IGN

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